Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Thursday, January 21, 2010

REVIEW: Mother

By: Kathleen Norris

This book is the book that you want to recommend to the teenage daughter who might be tempted away from home as her ministry. A daughter who might be tempted into thinking that home-life (being housewife and mother) is a drudgery and not the "noble" choice to make in her life.

This fine little book was originally printed in 1911, rediscovered by Jennie Chancey and reprinted through Vision Forum. Like Mrs. Chancey writes in her forward, I too, read this in one night. Just couldn't put it down. Why aren't books like this written anymore...no curse words, the Bible as our guide, family and home-life seen as the best decision a woman can make?

As the book opens we find Margaret Paget tired of her young life as a school teacher and wondering what else this big world has to offer. Certainly, there is more to life than this or the drudgery and slavery her sweet mother chose in raising her children and caring for her home. Margaret accidentally meets a woman whose high societal position allows her to hire Margaret as her assistant. Through a series of events, over-heard conversations disdaining home-life and as time passes, Margaret realizes that her mother really did make the noble choice: knowing the joy of being in God's will, being a keeper of the home and raising her children to be productive Christians.

If you have a girl's book club, you or someone you know loves old books, or you want to very gently steer your daughter back to the nobility of home-life, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

Blessings from Ohio, Kim W<><

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  1. Thank you, Kim, for this review. I definitely want to try to obtain a copy of it for my own personal library. I appreciate your insight on such matters.


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