Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Thursday, March 24, 2016

REVIEW ~ 101 Easy Homemade Products for your Skin, Health and Home

I was recently asked to review a brand new book on some of my favorite subjects: homemade skin care, health care and home care. And I need to tell you if EVER there were a great "what-book-would-you-recommend-for-newbies" book, THIS IS IT!

101 Easy Homemade Products for your Skin, Health and Home by Jan Berry, founder and blogger at The Nerdy Farm Wife.

It has EVERYTHING you are looking for in a book chock-full of information . . . 

~Right from the start, it has a sweet homey cover that just draws you to it

~Even the Table of Contents is exciting  to read: Getting Started . . . , Nontoxic Herbal Skin Care, Naturally Soothing Salves and Balms, Exotic Body Butters and Lotion Bars (oooo, ahhh), Easy, All-Natural Cream and Lotions, Garden-Fresh Bath Soaks and Salts, Beautiful Bath Melts and Scrubs, DIY Lip Care, Luscious Hair Care, Simple Homemade Soaps (any kind your little heart desires), Herbal Home Remedies, Nontoxic Solutions for the Home. And even All-Natural Pet Care!

~The book, itself, is made in such a way that all you have to do is lay it open . . . anywhere, on any page . . . and it will lay open. No laying something heavy on top, no bending or breaking the spine, it simply lays open so that you may read your recipes while your hands are busy.

~The photography is simply beautifully done and all photos were taken by Jan, herself.

~Jan has added a very detailed Resource List of some of her favorite websites.

~Something I don't believe I've ever seen anyone else do, in many of her recipes, Jan has included substitute ingredients and adjustments for using fresh or dried herbs.

~One of my favorite parts is her extensive listing of various herbs, their benefits and a list of recipes she has used them in along with the page number so that you can go right to the recipe.

Jan and her family live in rural Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and as mentioned above, is a writer and photographer for the popular blog: The Nerdy Farm Wife. She write for HobbyFarms.com and Natural Herbal Living Magazine and has been featured in many other publications.

You may follow Jan at these links:

I am SO very excited to recommend this book to you. If you know someone who is thinking about growing herbs and making their own homemade skin, health and home care THIS is the book you need to gift them with. And if you purchase a copy for yourself, BE SURE to let me know how much you LOVE this book! 

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Making Heap Big Medicine

I know I usually write about my medicinal teas, but I also like to make capsules for our family. 

THE Man was fighting off a virus-bug that is going around his office, so I needed to make some more goldenseal capsules and while I was at it, I made some more ashwagandha capsules. 
Just as an FYI, I like to use size 0 capsules which are generally 350-500 mg per capsule. You can get empty capsules at most health food markets.
Making your own medicine is easy-peasy. Make it ahead of time so that you always have it on hand.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

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