Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Friday, June 29, 2012

Simple Healing, Hydrating Masks

These two masks are GREAT anytime of the year, but ESPECIALLY in the Summer. They are very healing & hydrating for ANY skin-types ~ dry, sensitive, mature skins will soak them up; sunburned & windburned skins will feel soft & hydrated; even faces with oily skin will smile back at your in the mirror.

Both are so simple ~ 

Wheat Germ & Applesauce Hydrating Mask

You will need:

~2 ts raw wheat germ
~2 ts applesauce
~1/2 ts almond oil (for drier skins) OR grapeseed oil (for normal/oily skins)
~a headband


1) In a bowl, mix the applesauce & wheat germ
2) Let it sit & thicken for 5 minutes
3) Pull hair off your face with a headband
4) With your fingers, gently apply to your face & neck, avoid eyes & lips
5) Lay back & relax for 20-30 minutes
6) Remove mask with a cool water rinse
7) Dot the small amount of oil around your face & gently blend in. This should be a relatively small amount, you do not want to drip. Remove any excess with a tissue.

Honey Mask

You will need:

~2-3 ts raw honey, room temperature
~a headband; honey is runny & sticky so have your hair well tied back
~a small towel or dish towel to cover a pillow


1) With your fingers, apply the honey to your face, avoid eyes & lips
2) **NOTE** The honey will bead on your skin, it's supposed to do that :-)
3) Lay back with a small towel covering your pillow in case the warm honey runs a little (it probably won't ~ but just in case)
4) Leave on 15-20 minutes while it gently warms your skin
5) Rinse using a warm-to-hot wet wash cloth

These are such simple & effective face masks. Who needs all those chemicals and high priced store-boughts?

Let me know how much you LOVE yours.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Thursday, June 28, 2012

For Such a Time as This . . .

  Justice is turned back,
and righteousness stands far away;
for truth has stumbled in the public squares,
and uprightness cannot enter. ~Is. 59:14

". . . And who knows but that you have come . . . for such a time as this?" ~Esther 4:14

"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! . . . Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." ~Ecc.4:9,10 & 12

". . . Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing." ~Ezekiel 47:12(b)

Well, I'm sure you know by now that our Supreme Court did the unthinkable ~ they voted to hasten us on our way to becoming a Socialist country by up-holding Obamacare. Even though I occasionally make political comments on my blog, I try not to be too confrontational, but what I just wrote HAD to be said.

Until we elect a new President who, God willing, will repeal this heinous law immediately after his inauguration, this may be a good time for all of us to take seriously that WE need to take care of ourselves & our family. It is my pleasure to share with you things that I know & have learned about living frugally & doing as much about our families' health care at home.

In light of that, here are some quick links to . . . 

Home Remedies

Homemade Health Care

Homemade Home Care

Frugal Living

{Some categories may over-lap

If you are new to Marmee's Pantry then sit down, make yourself comfortable & look through these recipes. Copy them down & make your own notebook so that this information will be at your finger-tips & you can refer the them again & again.

I am glad that the Lord has put me here for such a time as this ~ both for your family & my own. Oh ~ & don't forget to read your Bible, pray. I hope that my Devotions section will up-lift you & draw you closer to the Lord.

God have mercy on our great country.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gentle . . . As a Stallion?

 "As a prisoner of the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle**; be patient, bearing with one another in love." ~Eph. 4:1&2

**Greek definition: gentle (meek) = strength brought under control; as in a stallion.
When I was growing up I lived to ride horses. It was my passion ~ horses were in nearly every waking thought and in my dreams. I still enjoy everything about them: the velvety feel of their soft nose, the pertness of their ears and eyes on alert, even the smell of a barn makes me very happy.

But there is nothing like the feel of actually riding. There is nothing like the feel of being on a smart, well trained horse that "listens" to every little tug of the reins, press of your knee or shift of your weight in the saddle . . . and obeys. There is nothing like feeling the strain of every muscle underneath your saddle as you make your obedient horse rear up and pause on his back two legs. It's a beautiful, scary thing to know that that huge creature is willing itself to obey little ol' you.

And that is how we are to willingly control ourselves as we demonstrate our love of the Lord to the world. It's almost like letting that once-trendy saying, What would Jesus Do?, be applied as reins upon our conduct and character as we "live a life worthy of the calling [we] have received." 

We live in a fallen world ~ tests and trials fill segments of our day ~ how we act and re-act will be evidence to the world around us of the saving, changing power of Christ in our lives.  When our first thought in those situations is to not be Christ-like, let the Holy Spirit rein you in. Let yourself be brought under control by His loving hand. 

The ride will be much sweeter if you do.
 Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Monday, June 25, 2012

Magazine Contest for Homeschoolers!!!

As many of you may know, I was blessed to have be a writer for The Old Schoolhouse homeschool magazine & serve as their Ohio Co-ordinator for several years; my column was The Lesson Planner. (The BEST homeschool magazine around!)

NOW . . . I am blessed to be a writer for The Christian Woman's Voice ~ an awesome new magazine ~ about to release our 4th issue; I write a column on Frugal Living.

Today, however, I have the pleasure of announcing a contest that CWV is having for some of my favorite people ~ HOMESCHOOLERS!

Here are the details from Debbie Dillon ~ author, founder & editor-in-chief of CWV

 Calling ALL Home School Moms!!! CW Voice would love to feature YOUR amazing classroom environment in our upcoming Back-to-School issue! Yes, I have a calendar and I know we’re only nearing the end of June, but it’s never too early to submit your space to our Creation Station Contest! If you’d like to share any organizational tips that could benefit other home school families, then please do so by submitting a write-up and photos of your special space to cwvinfo@christianwomensvoice.o
rg for a chance to win our Creation Station Contest and be featured in our Sept/Oct 2012 issue! You’ll also receive a “goody bag” of special items just for YOU!

So join the fun! Enter a photo of your homeschool zone for a chance to win & be published in the magazine!

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Friday, June 22, 2012

Herbal Steam Facials

Every now-and-then, no matter what type of skin you have, nothing does more good than a good old fashioned steam facial. Some ladies do them once a week, some once a month & some once a season (quarter year). 

These recipes are good for as often as you want to do them. Just pay attention to your skin-type ~ so that you use the correct recipe ~ & let your skin tell you how often you need to do a steam.

REMEMBER ~ do not do a steam right before something important like family or school pictures, a wedding or some important event ~ steams will bring out problems brewing underneath your skin that are waiting for the "right time" to erupt. My recommendation: do a steam 7-10 days before that special event. Anything bad that needs to come out will be out & gone by then.

Normal to Dry Skin Steam ~

You will need (ALL dried):

2 TB chamomile
2 TB rose petals 
3 TB comfrey leaf
1 TB lavender
2 TB calendula 

Normal to Oil Skin Steam ~

You will need (ALL dried):

1 TB sage
3 TB comfrey
2 TB calendula
1 TB raspberry leaf
2 ts rosemary

Preparation for BOTH sets of ingredients:

1) Mix all ingredients for your skin-type. Practice makes perfect ~ you may need to "play" with your mixes & find out if a different amount of a certain dried herb may work better. EX: I usually use 1 TB of rosemary in my steam because I enjoy the fragrance & it makes my pores smaller when my skin cools off.

2) Bring 3 qts of water to boil; add dried herbs & let simmer for about 3 minutes.

3) Remove from heat, set hot pot on a heat resistant surface on your kitchen table, drape a heavy towel over your head & the pot, relax as the steam warms & soothes your face for 5-10 minutes. If your steam is too hot, lift the towel from time-to-time to let in a little cool air. You do NOT need to suffer ~ this is meant to be enjoyable. :-)

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Word-Filled Wednesday ~#65~ A Calling for a Purpose

"As a prisoner of the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received . . . It was He Who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up . . . " ~Eph. 4:1, 11-12 [emphasis mine]

Have you ever wondered what you can do for the Body of Christ? Do you want to do something but just can't figure out what your "talent" is? I'll bet the Lord has set you in a situation and given you abilities you have never thought about.

First & foremost, no matter what our social, academic or employment position, we must try to live a good life; be the best person for the sake of Christ that we can be in public AND privately. Be a person of your word, be someone who is reliable, someone that others can trust with a true opinion, knowledge on a particular subject or a helping hand. Even if you haven't been "that person" in the past, we serve a God of second chances and He will forgive you so that you may start anew. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

Do you feel stifled by where you are in your life? Are you a stay-at-home mom, do you feel like you do the same thing everyday? Well, sometimes we do. I stayed at home most of the years after our girls were born and homeschooled them from K-12. But remember that "You are as much serving God in looking after your own children, and training them up in God's fear, and minding the house . . . as you would be if you had been called to lead an army to battle for the Lord of hosts." (Charles Spurgeon)

Are you a teacher? Your gifts and talents are needed to shape our children and teens who can't be homeschooled ~ be the teacher who is loving, just,  trustworthy and Christ-like; your students will ask what makes you different. Are you a business owner? Be the example of "how it's done." Treat your employees and customers with a personal touch. Are you a parent? Be there for you children; as much as it is possible go to the games, the band concerts, the ballet recitals and give them a big ol' smile when they spot you in the audience. Be there. Are you a grandparent? Be loaded with hugs, a listening ear and heart-felt advice (and cookies).   

So, you think you're not an apostle, a prophet, an evangelist, a pastor or teacher ~ that you have nothing to offer to prepare God's people? Hmmm . . . I think that in living a life worthy of your calling, you will find out that that's exactly who you are.

Blessings, Kim<><

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~#157~ 6/18/12

For today . . . 

Outside my window . . . terrible over-night thunder storms & torrential rain, & gray morning clouds have given-way to lovely blue skies, sunshine & lovely green leafy trees blowing in the breeze.

I am thinking . . . things I want to do to our house.

I am thankful . . . 1) for dear friends who will ride their motorcycle for 2 hours when it should have taken an hour, in the rain, stopping as they needed under under-passes, just to come & see us on a Sunday evening. 2) For my sweet Daddy. I miss him everyday. 3) For my sweet hubby ~ THE Man. Our girls are as blessed with him as their daddy as I was with mine.

From the kitchen . . . asiago cheese bagels. :-P

I am wearing . . . a gauzy, tie-died summer dress from Florida.

I am creating . . . a peaceful, Christ-centered home.

I am going . . . to putter around the house & then go to work ~ Monday's late shift.

I am wondering . . . if my fleece is really wet? (Mark 9:23-24)

I am hoping . . . that DD#1 will enjoy her new apt.

I am reading . . . "Cowards" by Glenn Beck. Please read this before the election!!! 50 pages of footnotes, incredible information that no one else is telling us.

I am looking forward to . . . a new president.

I am learning . . . to lead . . . like the old saying goes: the view only changes for the lead dog.

Around the house . . . laundry, sweeping, dusting . . . cleaning up from a busy weekend. I think THE Man had a great Father's Day.

One of my favorite things . . . the look of a sort of mix of primitive/shabby chic/northwoods cabin decor.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . family, work, waiting to see if I'm on the praise team 2 weeks in a row or not til next week, reading, writing an article & devotion . . .

A favorite quote for the day . . ."Who will the Holy Spirit allow me to love that I was unwilling to love yesterday? Who will the Holy Spirit allow me to forgive that I was unwilling to forgive yesterday?" ~from Sunday's Sermon.

Scripture thought . . ."'If I can?'" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes." Immediately the boy's father exclaimed, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!" ~Mark 9:23-24

A picture thought for you . . . 

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Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Friday, June 15, 2012

Rub a Little Dirt on It

Did you know that dirt can be healthy?

I remember when I was growing up that throughout most of the summer my feet would barely know what a shoe was ~ even hiking through our woods to pick raspberries & mulberries was done sans shoes. I'm not saying that I didn't get my share of stickers, scrapes, scratches & even bee stings . . . but summer meant freedom to live . . . 

Freedom to get dirty.

I was the Mud Pie Queen. They looked good enough to eat. But the best part of making mud pies was the unspoken understanding that I could get dirty. It was a given.

Little did we all realize was that getting dirty is actually GOOD for you. Yes, dirt does a body good. :-) Maybe that's why God created us in a garden.

There is even current research that shows that being overly clean can actually cause harm to one's immune system. Now, admittedly, I use hand sanitizers with the best of 'em ~ especially working in a health food store where we handle all that germy money handed to us by sick people ~ but there is a difference, I believe, between a little hand sanitizer & being a little fanatic about staying away from ALL germs. Even the use of Homeopathic remedies lets us know that a little "hair of the dog" can be a good thing. 

Scientists are saying that some exposure ~ as life happens ~ to germs even develops immunities to certain illnesses & allergies. Some natural exposure can actually TRAIN our bodies to fight. 

Dirt can actually train our immune system. Getting our children outside at an early age will not only teach them to enjoy God's wonderful creation, but it also trains their bodies to grow up around those pollens, etc. & help build their immunities against them. That way allergies are less likely to effect them. Just like eating local honey if you are an allergy sufferer, this is getting ahead of having to do that. 

Supplement companies are even catching on. Garden of Life ~ headed by Jordan Ruben (author of The Maker's Diet) who cured himself naturally of an almost certain death ~ includes Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSO's) in his Primal Defense Pro-biotics. What are HSO's? Basically, it's a fancy name for "clean dirt." Yes, there is DIRT in their most popular, most effective Pro-biotics! 

Our children ~ & WE ~ need to get dirty from time-to-time. Go barefoot, walk along the beach, walk along a dusty, dirt trail in some neighboring woods, or just walk outside in your own grassy back yard . . . or . . . make a mud pie with your kids or grandkids.
 And if they get hurt . . . rub a little dirt on it!

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Thursday, June 14, 2012

You're a Grand Ol' Flag!


Today isn't just a day that many American's fly the American Flag on our porch posts, but as the name implies, the date celebrates the date that our flag came to be.

On January 1, 1776, George Washington laid siege in Boston upon the British army, as a show of independence he had hoisted a flag with 13 alternating red & white stripes with the Union Jack (British flag) in the upper-left corner.

Our founders knew that all ties with the British government had to end . . . we needed a new flag.

In May of 1776, Betsy Ross was commissioned to sew the 1st American flag. She was a well-known seamstress who was known not only for her talent, but for her good taste.

On June 14th, 1777, the Continental Congress passed the 1st Flag Act ~ "Resolved, That the flag of the United States be made of thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation." 

The American Flag Act has been up-dated with each state added ~ as each star represents a state. The last of which of was by President Eisenhower on August 21st, 1959 after Alaska & Hawaii were welcomed as our 49th & 50th states.

Today's flag shows 13 stripes, 7 red & 6 white, representing the original 13 Colonies; with 50 white stars on a blue union, representing our 50 states. 

The colors of our flag where chosen with great care ~ red symbolizes hardiness & valor, white symbolizes purity & innocence, & blue represents vigilance, perseverance & justice for all.

Since it's creation, our flag has represented FREEDOM to the world. People STILL DIE to get here. When immigrants were coming to America to begin a new life, the 1st things they wanted to see were the American flag & the Statue of Liberty. Not only has our flag led our precious warriors into battle ~ for our freedom & that of others ~ but it has even been on the moon. No other country can say that

With all we are going through as a country, these are good things to know, to share & to be proud of.   We are truly blessed to be Americans.


You're a Grand Ol' Flag
You're a high flyin' flag
And forever in peace may you wave.
You're the emblem of 
The land I love
The home of the free & the brave.
Ev'ry heart beats true
'Neath the Red, White & Blue
Where there's never a boast or brag;
Should old acquaintance be forgot?
Keep your eye on the Grand Ol' Flag!

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cloves ~ For Pain Relief & More

I remember back in grade school, being sent to the school nurse because I had a toothache. Must to my delight ~ & pain relief ~ she soaked a q-tip in a delicious, spicy oil that took away my pain & thrilled my senses with it's wonderful aroma. I enjoyed it so much, that from time-to-time I would fake a dull tooth ache just so I could enjoy that oil. Much later in my life, I discovered that it was clove essential oil

It has been one of my favorite scents ever since. Plus, I have found several other uses for clove oil.

~ As mentioned, it is great for tooth aches & even for teething babies. For kids & adults: simply saturate the end of a q-tip with 2-3 drops of the essential oil & place on the tooth, bite down a little to release even more of the oil to slightly numb the surrounding area. If your tooth has abscessed, this will help draw some of the infection until you can see your dentist. Do the same thing for fore gums or make the tea (below). For babies: use just 1-2 drops on the end of a q-tip & gently rub over their poor little swollen gums. Works quicker & better than ice or the gel-filled teething toys you can put in the frig.

~ A simple pain relief tea. Using whole clove buds, steep 1 TB of the clove buds in 2-3 cups of water, boil the water with the cloves in it for about 20 minutes; strain the buds out & then sweeten your tea with a little honey. Swish in your mouth where any canker sores, abscesses or sore teeth are & then swallow. Amazingly ~ drinking clove tea is also well known to help speed the mending of broken bones. Who knew?

~ For toenail fungus. Just as you would do with tea tree oil, saturate a q-tip with the clove oil & work around the toe nail & as far under the end of the toe nail as possible. (**Note** I personally think tea tree oil works best for this, but if you only have the clove oil in your pantry & no tea tree, this will suffice.)

~ For fleas on dogs & cats. Just as you would do with some of the popular flea oils, simply drop 2-3 drops (depending upon your pet's size) of clove oil between their shoulder blades once or twice a month. Fleas will flee! (lol) However, this will not kill any eggs, so start early in the season to KEEP fleas off your pets.

~ As a sleep aid. Drink the tea, above, right before you go to bed. You'll be sleeping like a hibernating bear before you know it.

Let me know if you have any other favorite uses for clove oil.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~#156~ 6/11/12

For Today . . . 

Outside my window . . . gray & raining. Possible thunder boomers later today. But we need the rain.

I am thinking . . . of my family.

I am thankful . . . of the fun afternoon we had, yesterday. Lots of girlie stuff going on w/THE Man simply smiling & shaking his head.

From the kitchen . . . made new batches of spray room freshener, foaming hand soap & liquid face wash (oily skin).

I am wearing . . . dark olive capris, rust top (did I wear this last Monday? lol).

I am creating . . . a peaceful, Christ-centered home. A refuge & place of rest for my family & friends.

I am going . . . to work the late shift.

I am wondering . . . about taking a risk.

I am hoping . . . for a wet fleece.

I am reading . . . I Peter.

I am looking forward to . . . DD#1's coming wedding.

I am learning . . . once again, to ". . . be strong in the Lord & in His mighty power." ~Eph. 6:10 [emphasis mine]

Around the house . . . general pick-up; I'm enjoying my new sweeper ~ um ~ as much as one can! lol

One of my favorite things . . . goofy "private" jokes among family members.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . family time, work, worship practice, Sunday worship w/the saints, Father's Day.

A favorite quote for the day . . . "NOT being fully surrendered to God causes me to only TASTE of the Lord's blessings when I could be FEASTING!" ~from Sunday's sermon.

Scripture thought . . . "Therefore God exalted Him [Jesus] to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus EVERY knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and EVERY tongue confess that JESUS IS LORD, to the glory of God the Father." ~Philippians 2:9-11 [emphasis mine]

A picture thought for you . . . 

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Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Staying Healthy By Helping Your Immune System

As any regular readers may know, I work in a health food store but I have been interested in home remedies & other homemade health care information for years. One of my wishes here at Marmee's Pantry is to share that information with you & help you if you share the same goal.

One of our body's largest defense systems (other than the skin, itself) is the Lymph system. The Lord, in His wisdom, located these lymph node clusters in very strategic parts of our bodies; specifically in areas where infections can be fought quickly. When the lymph system is fighting an infection they will swell. That is why your Dr. will feel your neck, arm pits & the area of your spleen during an exam. He/she will get a confirmation of any symptoms you have described or get an idea of something going on that you were unaware of. Now . . . if you have a sore throat & your throat nodes are swollen, there's probably no need to panic, but you can help them do their job better . . .

If you feel that you are coming down w/some little "somethin'-somethin'" you may notice a little swelling in a certain region of your body, OR even a little bit of puffiness in your extremities ~ your face, hands, ankles or feet.  Something that you can do right away to help your system help itself is to increase your water intake, drink LOTS of water & even your favorite herbal tea; you can take a walk ~  you don't have to take a hike, just a quick walk around the block w/your dog or kids or hubbie; another thing you can do is use a good circulation salve on the swollen areas.

You will need:

~1 small cayenne pepper; chopped WITH seeds
~1/2 c. safflower oil
~2 TB grated bees wax


1) combine oil & pepper in a pan; heat through but DO NOT boil
2) remove from heat; let cool
3) once mixture is cool (but NOT cold) strain the pepper & seeds out of the oil
4) put oil back in pan, re-heat & add grated bees wax
5) heat through until wax melts
6) poor or spoon out into clean containers with good lids to keep fresh
7) message small amounts onto desired areas to help w/circulation
8)**be careful** when working w/pepper products ~ DO NOT use near eyes & be sure to wash your hands after using & making this recipe

OK ~ I'm going to make an admission here (deep breath) ~ I am one of those women who, as soon as I get home from work or anywhere else & I know I'm not going anywhere or we are not expecting company ~ I will take off my bra &, shall we say, enjoy my freedom! (Ha!) So now when my daughters make fun of me, I have recently found some "ammo" I can give them that may make them think twice & even want to do it too. There may be evidence that wearing a bra too many hours of the day may be linked to breast cancer. "[W]omen wearing a bra 24 hours daily had a 3 in 4 chance of developing breast cancer . . .  wearing all day but not to bed had a 1 in 7 risk . . . less than 23 hours a day, a 1 in 152 risk . . . rarely or never wore one had a 1 out of 168 risk of developing cancer." **Note that nursing also helps good flow & circulation of the breast.**

As I have mentioned in other posts, antiperspirants have been directly related to breast cancer. The biggest reason is b/c they work! Yes, they DO stop us from sweating . . . but in doing so, your lymph system can't eliminate toxins built up in your sweat ~ that's exactly what your sweat is meant to do. So, this may be another "burr in your saddle" to check out my recipes for homemade solid deodorant, spray deodorant or powdered deodorant. Deodorants do not completely inhibit perspiration, but they can help some & cover up the odor ~ DEodorize the odor ~ & will probably have to be re-applied once or twice during the day; depending upon the humidity & your activity. But I would rather go through the trouble of re-applying my deodorant than face breast cancer!

Another help to our lymph system ~ & probably the biggest help ~ is to not let ourselves get dehydrated. You would be surprised at how many of our ailments can be helped simply by upping our water in-take. Some nearly go w/o saying: constipation, bladder infections & other UTI's; but drinking more water can also help w/asthma, arthritis pains & even headaches. 

Here's a good headache remedy that will give you a quick confirmation that what you really needed was water ~ sprinkle a good-sized pinch of salt on your tongue & then drink 3 cups of water. The book, Be Your Own Doctor, says: "The dehydrated brain shuts down & sends signals to the body to conserve energy so that it can survive. It does this effectively by sending you to the couch or your bed & making you lie very still so that you will not use up any more water then you must."  You can keep yourself off the headache couch by trying this little remedy.

Of course, water also help us w/regular, easy bowel movements. How many times have we let ourselves suffer when all we needed was more water?

Another way to help w/good bowel movements & general good health that won't slow down lymph activity is to eat a good diet. Regular people & scientists who ARE NOT food Nazis seem to be finding more & more that the Mediterranean Diet is far more do-able & healthy than what we were raised to think was correct. 

Now . . . please keep in mind that we are all individual & our body will tell us what we need (although, if it tells you that you can live on dark chocolate ~ sadly ~ it's lying to you :-/ ).

Top all of this off with getting enough rest, maintaining a loving, close relationship with your dear man & the sweet satisfaction of feeding on the Word of God & taking advantage of our life's blood of prayer ~ & see if you ~ & others ~ will notice the difference.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Word-Filled Wednesday ~#64~ Someone Has to "Be Jesus"

"Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God . . . Be very careful, then, how you live ~ not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is." ~ Ephesians 5:1,2; 15-17

"You may be the only 'Jesus' someone will ever meet." ~Anonymous

"Someone has to 'be Jesus' in the situation, it will probably have to be you." ~Kim Wolf

When our daughters were growing up and began noticing that people aren't perfect, it would frustrate and sometimes hurt them.  Especially if it had to do with extended family members or "church people" that they loved and admired. That's when we would have to remind them that no one ~ not even Christians or family ~ are perfect. 

I would tell them that when friends, co-workers or even Christians disagree with each other or are snarky or rude, to try not to be caught-up in the moment and go along with it. It's hard not to go along and it may cost you a friendship, but "Someone has to 'be Jesus' in the situation, and it will probably have to be you." 

And like most "sayings," those hard situations will eventually come around to us. There are very few of us who go to school or work with all professing Christians. In most cases, we are the only Christians in our class or at our workplace. Well then, act like it

Last week, our pastor reminded us that "We are citizens of Heaven and we should act like it!" Yes, it will be great when we go Home, but if we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, we are God's children HERE. And in no other time in this sinful world do we have an opportunity to shine with the difference Jesus has made in our lives than during an occasion when we will have to do what is right, to stand firm in our faith . . . to "be Jesus" . . . when no one else will.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~#155~ 6/4/12

For today . . . 

Outside my window . . . lovely, sun-shiny day; breezes blowing the green, leafy trees.

I am thinking . . . that I wish I didn't have to go to work today.

I am thankful . . . to even have a little job in this B.O. economy.

From the kitchen . . . baking bread on a Monday this week (usually bake on Tuesday) & making laundry detergent.

I am wearing . . . brown capris & brown/green/white shirt.

I am creating . . . a peaceful, Christ-centered home.

I am going . . . to do some house work & then to work the late shift.

I am wondering . . . what the next step is in a plan I have . . .

I am reading . . . still reading "The Jefferson Lies." Life "happened" & I had to put it down for a while.

I am hoping . . . for a breakthrough.

I am looking forward to . . . the breakthrough. :-P

I am learning . . . more & more what "for such a time as this" means.

Around the house . . . cleaning up from the weekend, baking, laundry . . .

One of my favorite things . . . answered prayers & dreams coming true.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . family time, work, getting some late planting in.

A favorite quote for the day . . . "My core identity is seated w/Jesus Christ in heaven. We are citizens of heaven & we should act like it!" ~from Sunday's sermon.

Scripture thought . . . "And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, in order that in the coming ages He might show the incomparable riches of His grace, expressed in His kindness to us in Christ Jesus. For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith ~ and this is not from youselves, it is a gift of God ~ not by works, so that no one can boast." ~Ephesians 2:6-9

A picture thought for you . . . 
 My sweet cousin, Melody.

Read 100's of daybooks at Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook!

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Friday, June 1, 2012

Facing the Changes as We Age

From time-to-time I have written on the women's issues, including life change issues & products I use like evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, progesterone cream, hot flash remedies, & generally avoiding HRT all-together.

Maybe, like me, you are finding less & less or your friends & relatives who are going through ~ or went through natural menopause. So, today, I just want to give you a short-list of good, common sense things to do to help any of you who are going through the changes of later life make it through a little easier.

1) Eat a reasonable diet ~ we all know what that is. It's been repeated to us in countless articles, Dr-type T.V. shows & blogs, so I won't go into any depth w/that here; except to say that you must watch out for meats shot-up w/hormones. Those hormones DO effect us. So buy your meats locally, if possible.

2) Drink lots & LOTS of water ~ water not only feeds & hydrates our body, but it flushes so many bad things OUT. Including fat . . . including any of those hormones from GMO foods, mentioned above. If you think you've had enough for the day, drink more.

3) Here it comes . . . exercise! There . . . I said it. Even a 15-20 minute walk 3-4 days a week can make a huge difference for your body AND your mind. Take a walk w/your hubby or your older kids . . . great conversations come out of those times together.

4) Do some research on supplements that are beneficial to you. I often tell people who shop at the health food store I work at that I look at what I take from there as Dr's bills I'm NOT paying.  Here are some things to consider:
  • Vitamin A ~ our eyes are some of the 1st things to be affected by age
  • Vitamin E ~ helps w/skin tone & healing
  • Evening primrose oil ~ I take, & recommend, 1,300 mg per day. You can find some that have that amount in 1 capsule so you don't have to worry about forgetting to take another at another time of day
  • Vitamin B12 ~ we all need an energy boost, especially as our bodies go through changes. Start w/a 1,000 mcg nugget; just let it dissolve under your tongue
  • Vitamin D3 ~ THE best D, it's the "sunshine" D & helps w/bones & energy
  • Calcium & magnesium ~ they help each other do what they do. Personally, I take the Garden of Life Raw Calcium. When you take raw vitamins your body thinks they are food & uses almost 100% of what you take
  • Zinc &/or Echinacea ~ builds immunities
  • Iron ~ Garden of Life raw or Floridex liquid herbal or even drinking dandelion root tea is a good way to take it & NOT get constipated
  • Flaxseed ~ ground up & put in your smoothie or food (I put 1/4 c of flaxseed meal in my bread) or, as my husband & I have done for years, 1 TB of flaxseed oil a day
5) Stay informed & find a trustworthy friend or group of friends that you can commiserate with. If you have an issue or question, chances are that someone in your group of TRUSTED women-friends, or sisters (if you are blessed w/one or two), have gone or are going through what you are. What worked for them? What works for you that you can share w/them?

6) PRAYER. 'Nuff said.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

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