Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Damiana Herb ~ So Many Uses

 Damiana from my home
Every-now-and-then, you come across an herb that has a "certain reputation." And then, as your knowledge of herbs expands, you find out that it's reputation has really cut it's other benefits short. 

Such is the case with Damiana. Yes . . . it is well known among herbalists, and herbal enthusiasts, that this pretty little bitter herb can be useful as an aphrodisiac, and many people are quite insistent about it . . . but . . . that is nipping the OTHER benefits of this herb, right in the bud.

As a bitter herb, you can count on Damiana being very effective as a tonic herb. These herbs are great to restore digestive function, stimulating those digestive juices. Also restoring a tired and debilitated nervous system.

Something that our family uses it for is for are those nasty UTI's, also helping with cystitis. A generous amount blended with a little Uvi Ursi herb in a tea, 2-4 times a day, can do wonders for a UTI. For an even stronger dose, make your own tincture. Making tinctures is far easier than you may think.

Damiana tea is also a mild laxative. If you need something a little stronger, use your tea ball and make a tea blend of Damiana and Senna. **NOTE** Start with a small amount of Senna and use more only if you need more. It's a powerful laxative herb
This herb with the nearly perfect green leaves and pretty little yellow flowers can be used as a mild anti-depressant, helping with nervous tension and anxiety. If you are facing something pressing or have had a hard, hurried day, sit back with the pleasant, light herbal taste of Damiana tea. Feel your heartbeat easing back into a gentle rhythm and feel your head start clearing of all the clamor of the day. Along with this, Damiana also helps with menstrual cramps and headaches. 
And for our menfolk, Damiana has developed quite a reputation as a testosterone-builder, helping with impotence. So, if you don't want your dear husband to take those pharmaceuticals ~ that you can't control the dose and also bring many side-effects with them ~ give a daily tea of Damiana a try. He will enjoy a light, tasty mug of tea and he may just be pleasantly surprised. 

Our Lord is a very good God and He knows exactly what His children can benefit from.

Let me know how you enjoy this valuable little herb, Damiana.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

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