Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Friday, February 27, 2015

Girlie Tea

Well . . . I seem to have tea on the brain. This will be the 2nd of my tea blends that I've shared this week

THE Man and I still have a daughter living at home, and as with most young women, those "monthlies" can really destroy an other-wise good day. We all know what it is . . . cramps, bloating, irritability (did I say that? ;-) ) and flat-out pain. One of her most-requested fixes for these ailments is what we have come to call my "Girlie Tea."
Girlie Tea has everything in it that will work so very well, so very effectively for the above symptoms. Plus . . . it tastes so good you may not even want to put any honey in it, AND, that wonderful warm coziness of drinking a hot tea when you don't feel well helps ease all the monthly crud away.

It has become such an often requested blend that I make up a good-sized batch and store it in a little canning jar. That way, all I need to do is take out about 1-1/2 ts per mug-sized serving, heat the water, steep and comfort is on the way.

Red Raspberry Leaf is one of the best known "women's herbs" around. Many women take it in preparation for childbirth, as it helps to lower the pains of labor and helps for a smoother delivery of the placenta. (Start drinking raspberry leaf tea about 3 weeks before you are due.) And since it works so well to calm labor pains, it also helps tremendously with menstrual cramps.

White Willow Bark is very well known as a general pain reliever; most notably for joints, headache and fevers.

Nettle is one of the best herbs for respiratory issues, especially allergies. It is an anti-inflammatory and opens up your sinuses so you can breath deeply and clearly. And as an anti-inflammatory, it helps with minor swelling of the uterus and smooth blood flow.

Dandelion Root is a great gentle cleanse and detox. What many people don't know it that dandelion root is one the very BEST sources of non-constipating iron. Since there is blood loss during one's menses, women can lose quite a bit of iron. If you normally suffer from low iron, consider drinking a couple mugs of dandelion tea everyday. 

St. John's Wort is one of the best known herbs for depression and anxiety. But what you may not know is that it's also good for stiff joints, shingles/chicken pox, sore muscles, menopause symptoms, insomnia. **NOTE** This herb CAN interact with certain meds, reducing their effectiveness. Make sure you do your own homework, or just leave this one out.**

Passion Flower is one of the best calmatives around. Aids a peaceful mind and positive out-look, can stop that "racing heart" feeling in a stressful situation, it is even good for hysteria.

Scullcap, to me, is right up there with passion flower; PLUS it is an excellent nerve tonic. It helps with everything from panic attacks to migraine headaches, depression, anxiety, stress, and is an antispasmodic, which helps with menstrual cramps and muscle aches.  
You Will Need:

Large 3-fingured pinches of:
~red raspberry leaf
~white willow bark
~dandelion root
~St. John's wort
~passion flower
~small mixing bowl
~small canning jar or other air-tight container
~tea ball/infuser


1) in the mixing bowl, whisk together all of the herbs
2) store in canning jar/container
3) use approximately 1 ts per cup, 1-1/2 ts per mug
4) pour hot water over your tea ball/infuser, let steep for 10-15 minutes
5) Enjoy 

**To make this a night-time tea, add a 1/4 ts of Valerian root.

Let me know how much you LOVE this Girlie Tea.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

**Please read the obligatory disclaimer at bottom of page**

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Headache and Sinus Essential Oil Blend

There are 2 ways you can get rid of most headaches easy-peasy:

1) put a pinch of salt under your tongue and then drink an 8oz. glass of water. Many times, your brain is "thirsty" and is asking for water. It simply needs rehydrated.

2) use this simple essential oil blend. 

This blend is good for both headaches AND to open your sinuses.

 This is my little dram bottle. I recently
gave away my roll-on . . . time
to get another one. 
You Will Need:

~a dram-sized essential oil bottle OR roll-on bottle
~20 drops lavender essential oil/dram - 60 drops/roll-on
~5-7 drops peppermint essential oil/dram - 15-21 drops/roll-on
~5 drops sweet birch essential oil/dram - 15 drops/roll-on
~3-5 drops grape seed extract/dram - 9-15 drops/roll-on**
~5-7 drops grape see oil/dram - 15-21 drops/roll-on


1) put drops into container, shake to blend
2) apply on your temples, under your hairline on your forehead, under your hairline on the back of your neck, on the inside of your wrists, on your chest

This is one of the easiest, most convenient ways to get rid of your headache. You will be so pleased with how well it works.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

**Please see the obligatory disclaimer at bottom of page** 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kim's Wellness Tea Blend

As some of you may know, I am a firm believer in medicinal teas and enjoy making my own blends
 Some of my medicinal herbs
Everyday I work outside my home at the health food store, you will see me bringing in my big orange stainless steel thermos and my smaller thermos that I keep out on the sales floor and re-fill all day. 
 My "tea gear" ~ lol
Before I go to work, I make a pot of what I call my Wellness Tea. I fill my whistling tea pot and let the water boil; while it's boiling, I prepare my large-sized tea ball with my wellness tea and put it in my steeping tea pot, when my tea pot whistles at me :-) I pour the hot water over the tea ball in my steeping tea pot, once it steeps for at least 15 minutes I fill my big thermos and keep re-filling my smaller one as needed throughout the day. When you work in a health food store ~ or anywhere that you deal with the public ~ we serve a lot of sick people . . . all . . . day . . . long; most especially during cold and flu season they come to us to help them get well, and we have to keep ourselves well so that we can serve our customers. I take supplements to keep myself well, I keep a small bottle of my Thieves Oil in my work apron pocket and use it OFTEN as a hand sanitizer and to breathe deeply if I have waited on a sick person, and I sip my wellness tea all day

My Wellness Tea is a blend that helps with everything from adrenals, to joint pain (remember, I'm on my feet ALL day), sinus/breath support, mood, light cleanse, and immunity building. I love it. 

Milk Thistle is very well known for liver support and as a light cleanse. Taking care of your liver is very important, nearly everything that goes into your body is processed in some way through the liver. Chances are that if your brain, heart and liver are doing well, you are in good health. 

Orange Peel is an excellent source of Vitamin C immunities and adds a touch of citrus flavor.

Fennel, although known to help with breast milk production, is good for everyone as a light cleanse, a relaxant, stops gas, bloating, stomach pain, kidney stones and canker sores.

Rooibus tea is becoming increasingly known for it's cancer fighting abilities, full of antioxidants, eases indigestion, adds minerals, helps with iron absorption.

White Willow Bark is very well known as a pain reliever, most notably for joints and headache.

Cloves are good for so much from that yummy warm, homey taste, teeth and gum health, and is good for calming you down like a long, deep breath. Drink clove tea before bed and you will sleep deep and dream wonderful dreams.

Passion Flower is one of the best calmatives around. Aids a peaceful mind and positive out-look, can stop that "racing heart" feeling in a stressful situation, it is even good for hysteria. Can be used in a tea for adults and children

Holy Basil is one a of the best adaptogen herbs. I take this either in a tea or capsule form everyday for my adrenal health. Wonderful for mood, stress, regulates body temperature (if you have a fever), improves over-all vitality and the ability to cope with stressful situations with a cool head, helps with fevers, lowers blood pressure, normalizes blood sugar and can help clear respiratory illnesses from colds, flu, bronchitis to pleurisy.

Nettle is one of the best herbs for respiratory issues, especially allergies. It is an anti-inflammatory and opens up your sinuses so you can breath deeply and clearly.

Peppermint/Spearmint are great for digestion and breath support. Take your pick as to which one you want to use for your personal tea blend, I switch back and forth. I do, however, think that spearmint is a little more flavorful.

Olive Leaf is one of the best immunity builders. Many people take olive leaf ~ either in liquid or softgel ~ during cold and flu season. Olive leaf is also lightly cleansing, is good for blood pressure and your whole circulatory system and is good for your skin.

Normally, I give you nearly exact amounts of ingredients, but with this blend, use nearly equal measures of each ingredient and just use a pinch to a handful ~ depending upon whether you are making a cup, a mug or enough for a pot.
 More of my medicinal tea herbs
You will need:

~milk thistle
~dried orange peel
~fennel seeds
~white willow bark
~whole cloves

~passion flower
~holy basil
~peppermint OR spearmint
~olive leaf (dried and crumbled)


1) simply load your tea ball, infuser or make-it-yourself tea bag with the herbs
2) steep for 10 minutes for a cup or mug, or for 15 minutes for a pot
3) sip as often as you like, use local honey for extra immunity building and yummy taste, if desired. 

Even as I write, my big tea mug is right here on my desk. Enjoy a pot of tea with me, won't you?

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

**Want to see more of my medicinal tea blends? Click HERE.

**Please see the obligatory disclaimer at bottom of page** 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Easy Homemade Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree Shampoo

I love good smelling . . . stuff. . . Soaps, candles, creams, balms, room sprays . . . lifts my spirit and, in the case of my homemade Thieves Oil antibacterial spray, this SPICE blend can keep my family healthy, too.

Another favorite room spray is my rosemary and peppermint room sprayRosemary and peppermint is my favorite HERB fragrance combination and is a very close 2nd over-all favorite fragrance next to the pungent spicy fragrance of my Thieves recipe.
I especially enjoy the combination of rosemary and peppermint in my shampoo. I originally discovered this combination years ago, in the 1st bottle of Aveda's wonderful Rosemary Mint Shampoo. It smells SOOOO good and leaves our hair so clean. Then, I started making my own shampoos, which we love, and used those exclusively for quite a while. So, then, when I had to go back to work outside our home, back in 2010, there have been occasions that I simply don't have the time to make our own shampoo EVERY time we need more, or to run out to the next town and get the Aveda product . . . however . . .  at the health food store I work at, I am the health and beauty buyer and I am very particular about the products I bring in. A wonderful shampoo I brought in a couple years ago, that has the same wonderful blend and benefit is BWC's (Beauty Without Cruelty) Rosemay Mint and Tea Tree Shampoo. It's the closest store-bought product I've seen to the Aveda product and the product my family uses when we need shampoo in a pinch.

Now . . . you know me . . . I can't let a good thing so un-copied! I had to make my own recipe for this fantastic shampoo. :-) With all the benefits of these ingredients, it is such a wonderful combination . . . 

Liquid Castile soap is one of the purest soaps A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E. Made from olive oil and hemp oil, you can safely clean ANYTHING from your kitchen, bathroom, wood or tile floors, hand and body, gentle enough for a baby and, yes, wash your hair. 

Rosemary is world renowned for the benefits it brings to your hair. Rosemary oil is often used in hair products because it helps with growth, shine, heals split ends without being greasy, detangles. And, of course, inhaling rosemary is remarkable for your brain and memory.

Peppermint also wakens yours brain. But as for your hair, it cools, cleans without stripping, shines and gives your hair lift. 

Tea Tree Oil is so well known as being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-microbial. For hair care, it is THE go-to for everything from dandruff to lice. Cleans hair without stripping. 
You Will Need:

~clean, empty shampoo bottle
~1/2 c. UNscented liquid Castile Soap
~1/2 c. distilled water
~20 drops Rosemary essential oil
~5 drops Tea Tree essential oil
~3 drops Peppermint essential oil


1) add your essential oils to the shampoo bottle,
2) pour Castile soap into bottle,
3) pour distilled water into bottle, leaving about 1/2" from top,
4) shake well 

To Use:

1) Shake well, ingredients will separate between use,
2) pour shampoo into hand ~ depending upon the length of your hair, usually the size of a quarter in palm of your hand will due
3) lather, wash, rinse

Enjoy this wonderful shampoo.

P.S. ~ BE SURE to read this REVIEW

UPDATE ~~~ Our DD#1 loves the scent of grapefruit. The last time I made her a bottle of shampoo, I used 2 drops of tea tree essential oil and 25 drops of grapefruit essential. She LOVES it. Give it a try. 

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Everything Happens at Once . . . .

WHEW! Yesterday was such a busy day. Why is it that everything seems to run out and need replenished all at once? 

As I was remaking and refilling, it occurred to me that many readers may not have seen some of the older posts of the products that I make and our family uses. So, here are the links to the goodies that I made, yesterday . . . 

Solid deodorant
Arnica Oil
Aromatic Rosemary/Sage Salt
Homemade Tea Bags
My Absolute Favorite All-Purpose Herb Mix
Sweet Almond and Flax Bread
Plus, I did some on-line training for a couple of supplement companies that we sell at the health food store . . . AND . . . the cherry on top was my Bible Study, Divine Design.
And if you give me a few minutes, I'll be working on today's "official" blog post. :-D 

I love days of accomplishment.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wellness Rubbing Oil

Essential oils are amazing, simply amazing. So simple, yet so potent. Whether you use one or a blend, nearly everyone can benefit from them and their health-giving properties.
If someone in your family is suffering from fever, allergies, asthma, cold or flu this wellness rubbing oil is a wonderful, soothing, healing addition to your natural first aid kit.
You will need:

~4 oz. extra virgin olive oil
~10 drops oregano essential oil
~20 drops lavender essential oil
~10 drops sage essential oil
~4 oz. amber glass bottle with or without dropper
**NOTE#1** For children's dose, HALF the amount of essential oils.
**NOTE #2** You can also mix 25-30 drops of Thieves Oil (only) with the olive oil for an excellent healing oil.


1) drop essential oils into the amber bottle, first
2) then add the olive oil, leaving just enough room to . . .
3) shake to blend

To Use:

1) shake before each use
2) drop a few drops into the palm of your hand, rub hands together just enough to have some on each hand
3) gently massage the bottom of the sick person's feet, on their chest, along their spine, shins and/or behind their ears
4) apply as needed
Also ~ if you would rather use a balm instead of an oil, simply replace the oil with 1 TB. coconut oil and 1 TB of a quality shea butter, blend together with a whisk or mixer and store in an air-tight jar instead of a bottle.

Stay well ~ 

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><
**Please see disclaimer at bottom of page**

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Word-Filled Wednesday ~#138~ Undeniable

"For since the creation of the world 
God's invisible qualities ~ 
 His eternal power
 and divine nature ~ 
 have been clearly seen,
being understood from what has been made,
so that men are without excuse."
~Romans 1:20
Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><
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