Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Monday, March 1, 2010

Where's the Primitive?

I just took a fun little quiz on http://www.sproost.com/. You can find out what your Home Design Style is. (Thanks TOSHiedi!!) For me, they came up with...

Your specific style combines three more general styles:
Mountain Lodge Style
Rustic Revival
Arts and Crafts
Actually, this is pretty-much right on the money...except...they had no Primitive choices. Or Farmhouse Chic. I suppose it's because an interior design buisness figures you can find those items on your own. But, this really IS a good match. Here are a few examples of ...

Mountain Lodge Style:

Oooo, ahhhh!

I am so 40% Rustic Revival:

Ooooo, purdy! I think this has a little bit of Cottage Style, too. :-)

And then, there's 20% Arts & Crafts:

Yep, give me wood & cozy furniture & warm, rich colors!!
If you take the test, let me know so I can see your result! Have fun!
Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><


  1. I took one of those once, and I was a combo of Cottage,- Farmhouse, -Country. Guess that proves what you see in my house. I'm quite eclectic.
    I decorate with what I like. It may be in or it may be out, who knows? it's just me. and that keeps me smiling, plus the fact that it pretty much always comes from a thrift shop. Fun.
    ooooo! another recipe thanks!
    What a nice smelling home you must have.

  2. Cottage/Farmhouse/Country? Actually, THAT sounds more like ME! lol I wonder how it is that they narrow down your photo choices b/c I didn't get to see anything that remotely looked liek ANY of that. Ahhh, well. At least it was fun.

  3. I had to go take this quiz. :) I am 57% Tradtional Country and 43% Wine Country. I think that's probably pretty accurate for me too, though I think I might swing a little more toward the wine country.


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