Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kim's Wellness Tea Blend

As some of you may know, I am a firm believer in medicinal teas and enjoy making my own blends
 Some of my medicinal herbs
Everyday I work outside my home at the health food store, you will see me bringing in my big orange stainless steel thermos and my smaller thermos that I keep out on the sales floor and re-fill all day. 
 My "tea gear" ~ lol
Before I go to work, I make a pot of what I call my Wellness Tea. I fill my whistling tea pot and let the water boil; while it's boiling, I prepare my large-sized tea ball with my wellness tea and put it in my steeping tea pot, when my tea pot whistles at me :-) I pour the hot water over the tea ball in my steeping tea pot, once it steeps for at least 15 minutes I fill my big thermos and keep re-filling my smaller one as needed throughout the day. When you work in a health food store ~ or anywhere that you deal with the public ~ we serve a lot of sick people . . . all . . . day . . . long; most especially during cold and flu season they come to us to help them get well, and we have to keep ourselves well so that we can serve our customers. I take supplements to keep myself well, I keep a small bottle of my Thieves Oil in my work apron pocket and use it OFTEN as a hand sanitizer and to breathe deeply if I have waited on a sick person, and I sip my wellness tea all day

My Wellness Tea is a blend that helps with everything from adrenals, to joint pain (remember, I'm on my feet ALL day), sinus/breath support, mood, light cleanse, and immunity building. I love it. 

Milk Thistle is very well known for liver support and as a light cleanse. Taking care of your liver is very important, nearly everything that goes into your body is processed in some way through the liver. Chances are that if your brain, heart and liver are doing well, you are in good health. 

Orange Peel is an excellent source of Vitamin C immunities and adds a touch of citrus flavor.

Fennel, although known to help with breast milk production, is good for everyone as a light cleanse, a relaxant, stops gas, bloating, stomach pain, kidney stones and canker sores.

Rooibus tea is becoming increasingly known for it's cancer fighting abilities, full of antioxidants, eases indigestion, adds minerals, helps with iron absorption.

White Willow Bark is very well known as a pain reliever, most notably for joints and headache.

Cloves are good for so much from that yummy warm, homey taste, teeth and gum health, and is good for calming you down like a long, deep breath. Drink clove tea before bed and you will sleep deep and dream wonderful dreams.

Passion Flower is one of the best calmatives around. Aids a peaceful mind and positive out-look, can stop that "racing heart" feeling in a stressful situation, it is even good for hysteria. Can be used in a tea for adults and children

Holy Basil is one a of the best adaptogen herbs. I take this either in a tea or capsule form everyday for my adrenal health. Wonderful for mood, stress, regulates body temperature (if you have a fever), improves over-all vitality and the ability to cope with stressful situations with a cool head, helps with fevers, lowers blood pressure, normalizes blood sugar and can help clear respiratory illnesses from colds, flu, bronchitis to pleurisy.

Nettle is one of the best herbs for respiratory issues, especially allergies. It is an anti-inflammatory and opens up your sinuses so you can breath deeply and clearly.

Peppermint/Spearmint are great for digestion and breath support. Take your pick as to which one you want to use for your personal tea blend, I switch back and forth. I do, however, think that spearmint is a little more flavorful.

Olive Leaf is one of the best immunity builders. Many people take olive leaf ~ either in liquid or softgel ~ during cold and flu season. Olive leaf is also lightly cleansing, is good for blood pressure and your whole circulatory system and is good for your skin.

Normally, I give you nearly exact amounts of ingredients, but with this blend, use nearly equal measures of each ingredient and just use a pinch to a handful ~ depending upon whether you are making a cup, a mug or enough for a pot.
 More of my medicinal tea herbs
You will need:

~milk thistle
~dried orange peel
~fennel seeds
~white willow bark
~whole cloves

~passion flower
~holy basil
~peppermint OR spearmint
~olive leaf (dried and crumbled)


1) simply load your tea ball, infuser or make-it-yourself tea bag with the herbs
2) steep for 10 minutes for a cup or mug, or for 15 minutes for a pot
3) sip as often as you like, use local honey for extra immunity building and yummy taste, if desired. 

Even as I write, my big tea mug is right here on my desk. Enjoy a pot of tea with me, won't you?

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

**Want to see more of my medicinal tea blends? Click HERE.

**Please see the obligatory disclaimer at bottom of page** 


  1. Hi Kim,

    Are you familiar with a company called Steeped Tea? Our daughter-in-law sells them and I've gotten hooked on the Rooibos teas!

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge here with us. :)

    Hugs to you, Girlfriend.

  2. No, I've never heard of that brand. I'll have to look it up!

    Love you, Dearest.


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