Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cloves ~ For Pain Relief & More

I remember back in grade school, being sent to the school nurse because I had a toothache. Must to my delight ~ & pain relief ~ she soaked a q-tip in a delicious, spicy oil that took away my pain & thrilled my senses with it's wonderful aroma. I enjoyed it so much, that from time-to-time I would fake a dull tooth ache just so I could enjoy that oil. Much later in my life, I discovered that it was clove essential oil

It has been one of my favorite scents ever since. Plus, I have found several other uses for clove oil.

~ As mentioned, it is great for tooth aches & even for teething babies. For kids & adults: simply saturate the end of a q-tip with 2-3 drops of the essential oil & place on the tooth, bite down a little to release even more of the oil to slightly numb the surrounding area. If your tooth has abscessed, this will help draw some of the infection until you can see your dentist. Do the same thing for fore gums or make the tea (below). For babies: use just 1-2 drops on the end of a q-tip & gently rub over their poor little swollen gums. Works quicker & better than ice or the gel-filled teething toys you can put in the frig.

~ A simple pain relief tea. Using whole clove buds, steep 1 TB of the clove buds in 2-3 cups of water, boil the water with the cloves in it for about 20 minutes; strain the buds out & then sweeten your tea with a little honey. Swish in your mouth where any canker sores, abscesses or sore teeth are & then swallow. Amazingly ~ drinking clove tea is also well known to help speed the mending of broken bones. Who knew?

~ For toenail fungus. Just as you would do with tea tree oil, saturate a q-tip with the clove oil & work around the toe nail & as far under the end of the toe nail as possible. (**Note** I personally think tea tree oil works best for this, but if you only have the clove oil in your pantry & no tea tree, this will suffice.)

~ For fleas on dogs & cats. Just as you would do with some of the popular flea oils, simply drop 2-3 drops (depending upon your pet's size) of clove oil between their shoulder blades once or twice a month. Fleas will flee! (lol) However, this will not kill any eggs, so start early in the season to KEEP fleas off your pets.

~ As a sleep aid. Drink the tea, above, right before you go to bed. You'll be sleeping like a hibernating bear before you know it.

Let me know if you have any other favorite uses for clove oil.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

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