Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homemade Hot Flash Remedies

OK girls . . . if you haven't already experienced it, you KNOW it's coming!

HOT FLASHES! . . . NIGHT SWEATS! Que the Psycho music!

Your own personal quick trip to the tropics whether you want to go or not.

I don't know about you, maybe it's a regional thing, but once I started having peri-menopausal/menopausal symptoms I found that there were really very few women I could talk to about it all. SO MANY women have had hysterectomies ~ including my mother ~ that I found very few who were facing this change of life naturally like me.

So, like so many other things I have faced in my life, I figure that if I need the information, someone else will, too. And, once again, like so many other things I needed information about, I researched & conjured up a few things by trial-&-error.

Here are some of my favorite finds~

~10-15 drops clary sage essential oil
~10-15 drops lavender essential oil
~8 drops geranium essential oil
~2-5 drops peppermint essential oil
~distilled water

1) Nearly fill an 8-10 oz misting bottle w/distilled water
2) Add essential oils
3) Shake well before each use, to mix oils
4) Store in refrigerator.

Drink a couple of cups per day. Cuts down on perspiration & body odor. (This works for men, too.)

1,300 mg per day (some may need to double the dose ~ start low & add more ONLY IF you need to). I have taken this for years & often recommend it to my customers at the health food store. Helps w/hot flashes, mood swings & breast tenderness. Great source of Gamma Linoenic Acid (GLA).

~Lachesis ~ helps w/hot flashes & mood swings
~Palsatilla ~ helps w/hot flashes followed by chills
~Veleriana ~ helps w/intense sweating & insomnia
~Sepia ~ helps w/hot flashes that make you feel exhausted &/or depressed; also good for headaches, including migraines (Sepia is good for so many things)


Even sucking a piece of hard candy can help ward off a light/moderate hot flash. That could be a matter of diverting your attention ~ as in Lamaze during labor ~ but it seems to work for many.

FYI . . .

I have written previously, in the Women's Health category, that I elected to not go the HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) route because of it's relationship to causing breast & other female cancers. You may read in those posts that I have chosen to use Flaxseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil & Progesterone Cream as my regimen & the reasons why.

I have been on this regimen for nearly 6 yrs, having "crossed the line" of peri-menopause to menopause approximately 16 months ago. I must give testimony that I believe this regimen has kept me sane. :-) As many of you may know, 2 yrs ago THE Man was laid off from a great job, I had to go back to working outside of the home, my mom suffered from Alzheimer's & passed away in Sept. 2011, our DD#1 is getting married this year, we've had home repairs & we have a very strained relationship w/a close relative . . . all having gone on while I was in the throws of menopause. I am thrilled to tell you that, other than a few hot flashes & night sweats (usually when I forgot my Evening Primrose Oil) I have done very well. To prove it to myself ~ so as not to think I was imagining how well I was doing while my family was suffering (HA!) ~ the other day I asked THE Man if he knew that I'd gone through menopause about a year ago & he had NO idea! I'm sure he's been gearing up for all those horror stories he's heard of other men of nearly getting eaten alive by their wives, or that I would dissolve into a puddle of incoherent cries & tears, that he was so surprised to know that he'd not noticed ANYTHING! lol

Now, I am NOT saying that prayer & the grace of God didn't play a LARGE part in all of this, but I also believe that He led me to these resources that helped me so much.

I hope that this information will help some of you. And you younger readers, might just want to copy this information to keep for later use ~ in those blessedly busy years while you are raising our children, this may be the last thing on your mind ~ it was for me ~ but it sneaks up on you before you know it. :-) And then YOU will be able to bless someone else with this knowledge.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><


  1. Wonderful Information..wish I had this information years ago...:)<3
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  2. Thanks for the advice ~ going through it naturally here too. I'll check everything out ~ the spray sounds great.

  3. I'm going to have to come back to this...there is a lot of information here. I am in the peri menopause phase right now and i struggle greatly with mood swings and occasional hot flashes. My mother also had a hysterectomy early in life and I have no one to rely on for family information. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am not a younger reader, but still I was so glad to see this. Every night I wake up just sweating and then it keeps me awake and I can't sleep. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise on this. Much love!

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