Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

One of my favorite & most-used herbs from my little herb garden is rosemary. I have it on my window sill in the fall & winter & then I replant it in my little herb garden in the spring & summer. It's by far one of the most hardy & useful herbs. I even love to run my fingers over the leaves & take a whiff of it's wonderful aroma.

My rosemary from my herb garden to my windowsill for the winter.

I use rosemary quite often while cooking ~ we eat a lot of chicken & my favorite way to prepare it is my version of "fried" chicken: a couple of TBs of olive oil ~ OR, as I'm about to show you how to make, rosemary infused olive oil ~ w/a couple of sprigs of rosemary in the frying pan, boneless/skinless chicken breast sprinkled w/a little Spike Seasoning & my Absolute Favorite Seasoning Mix. (TRY THIS: next time you grill, lay a rosemary sprig on top of your chicken!) Serve w/sides of broccoli & yellow rice . . . mm mmm! This also makes a great dipping oil.
OK . . . now that I've made myself hungry, I need to get on w/my original topic . . .

Infusing your oils w/rosemary ~ or any other herb ~ is quite easy. The recipe I'm going to share w/you i
s mostly for cooking, but can also be used for your hair (stimulates circulation for shinier hair) or even as a sore muscle liniment (comforts sore joints & muscles, stimulates circulation by increasing the blood supply). Besides making nearly any salad dressing, or anything prepared stove-top taste better (Italian dishes, fish, chicken, pork), the leaves are antiseptic/anitbacterial/antifungal (which is why I use it in my oily skin face wash) & the antioxidants in rosemary can aid w/digestion & weight loss.

You will need:

~8-10 sprigs of fresh rosemary
~2 c. of cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil (I recommend Hain)
~small cook pot/sauce pan
~pint-sized bottle or jar w/tight-fitting lid or cork
~enough decorative & useful olive oil bottles/decanters ~ for later use in displaying in your kitchen or for gift giving
~small funnel ~ to aid in pouring from bottle to bottle


1) Gently wash your rosemary sprigs w/a damp washcloth; set aside to dry.
2) Pour 1 pint of olive oil into the small pot on low heat to warm ~ DO NOT BOIL ~ just warm.

3) Place a few sprigs of rosemary into your pint bottle ~ do not stuff it full ~ rosemary is very herb-a-licious, & you w
ill have another sprig in your finished product, so a little goes a long way.
4) Pour warm oil into pint bottle w/the rosemary, seal w/lid or cork, set aside in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, for at least 1 week.
5) After that time, take out your used rosemary sprigs & either use to cook something that day or throw them away. In the bottles you will now use for your infused oil, put in a fresh sprig of rosemary &, w/your small funnel, pour the infused oil into the new bottles over the fresh rosemary. Seal w/a lid or cork.

Your new infused rosemary oil is ready to use & enjoy!

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><


  1. Ummm.....this is something I wanted to add to our next issue of CW Voice! This would be PERFECT to share! I almost bought that same bottle the other day at World Market :) In fact, I have sprigs of thyme and rosemary laying out and drying at home right now!

  2. Kim, thanks for the recipe. It is so amazing what I little herb can do for us. I am going to try this and send it on to my daughers.
    You always inspire me with your herb recipes.
    Blessings to you for sharing.

  3. Stopped over from Blessing the Elements and LOVE your blog; I'll be adding your blog to my blogroll. And we must be Kindred Spirits as we both have the same dishes! LOL Thanks for sharing the recipes for the infused oil. I plan to plant another Rosemary bush in the spring. Mine died when I tried to relocate it; so I will plant the next one where it will never need to be moved again. Mine had gotten to nearly 5 foot tall.

  4. I had to smile Kim, I have some in my windowsill right now and am looking forward to using it in baking bread and for bread dipping oil and pasta and... :) Thanks for sharing :)

    Have a Blessed day!

  5. I love cooking with rosemary, so I think I'll have to try this. My rosemary died last winter. I didn't get it into the house quickly enough, and, with moving last spring, I didn't get a new plant yet either.

    Is the grapevine plate yours? I have the same set. They were a wedding gift from my parents, and my mother-in-law added several serving dishes and other items to match. I still love them almost 14 years later!


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