Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Word-Filled Wednesday ~ #73~ Appreciating Wisdom

"Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?" ~Job 12:12

"Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the LORD." ~Leviticus 19:32
I freely confess that I had the most incredible grandparents; I was especially close to my Grandpa C and my Bigmom. Some of my best memories are of sitting at their feet and listening to them tell me stories from their childhood and teen years. Three of my four grandparents were born in the 1800's (the other didn't miss it by much) and all of them were raised on Kentucky farms without electricity, cars, running water or paved roads. They raised their own food, they broke ice in the well to get water & chopped wood for the stove's fire on cold, winter mornings; my Bigmom had all of her and Poppie's children at home, and the men of both sides of my family followed the south end of a northbound mule or horse while tilling the fields.

Those of us who have had dearly loved grandparents sometimes forget that they were once young. That at one time our grey-haired grandmothers were cute little girls in petty-coats, ribbons and curls; that their feeble legs once chased their friends in games of tag, their gnarled fingers were once long and smooth and belonged to young women in love that held the hands of our handsome young grandpa's. 

Our grandpa's were feisty, fun-loving little boys who pulled the pigtails of the little girl who sat in front of them at school. They were strong, fit teenagers who had muscles that were borne from hard, physical work on the farm; and that their hearts once skipped a beat when they saw that pretty young woman two rows up from him at church.

I also know that I learned as much from my grandparents as any teacher I ever had, including my own parents. I learned to respect my elders by watching them respect others by their kind conversation, by Grandpa taking his hat off in a building or around a lady. I learned to appreciate family by the love that they lavished on me. I learned the fun of clean humor, making some of the best toys and play-houses out of sticks, rocks and imagination. The sheer pleasure of eating a basket full of raspberries on a front porch swing. Unbeknownst to me, I was taught the joy of learning through good conversation and being amazed at how adept those old fingers could be at making a bed or so nimble using a skill that they had done for decades. I also learned that so often in their lives the Lord was their only Resource, that there were times when they were drawn to their knees when a child was sick ~ or died. I learned that they could still sing the first hymns they had ever learned. I witnessed deep, abiding faith.

The Lord Himself said that we are to revere and respect our elderly. They have lived, they have loved and they have so much to teach us if we will let them. The store I work at honors seniors by giving them a discount, so many seem somewhat ashamed of admitting that they are old enough to use it. I usually tell them that I call it "The Wisdom Discount" and, my, you should see their eyes light up! "Yeah, I like that!" they often say. Now . . . if they could only find someone to share that wisdom with.

Let us be those people. Do you still have your grandparents? Honor them by asking them to tell you about their childhood and younger years. Share a hobby with one of them. Ask Grandpa what attracted him to Grandma, ask Grandma what made her say "I do." 

Ask them to pray for you ~ that you will have the same deep, abiding faith that carries them. That you may be the same elderly wisdom to your family that they have been to yours.

Blessings . . .  Kim<>< 


  1. Some of my fondest memories are listening to the stories of Grandparent's, Aunts and Uncles. This was a wonderful post!

  2. Enjoyed you post so much. We are truly blessed by memories of Grandparents and the heritage they have left us. Thankful that I will see mine again someday! Won't Heaven be a wonderful place!

  3. Oh Kim,
    my Grandma on my Dad's side was the only one I had. She was an amazing woman who raised four strong Godly boys into Godly men during the depression. She was an important part of my life and around a lot to help as my mom used to have MS... yes, she was healed completely :)

    My prayer is that I've taught my children to love my parents and my in laws as God has instructed. They love and cherish them :) May we as a nation continue to respect and care for our elders. Heaven help us if we don't!


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