Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Places

With my husband's, THE Man's, health scare & the disappointment over the election all happening this week, I have decided to end this week with something I consider beautiful

My daddy's side of the family is Scotch-English & I cherish those roots ~ particularly the Scottish side. I don't know if it is those long-ago bloodlines that beckon me, or simply their quaint, primitive & simple beauty, but I love Scottish/Irish/English cottages ~ inside & outside. They make me sigh with sheer peaceful enjoyment just to look at them. I even found a website where you can buy floorplans to build your own reproduction Irish cottage. Ha! Imagine that.

So . . . I want to end this stressful week (& celebrate finding a Dr. we believe can help THE Man) by sharing some of my favorite "Happy Places," as I like to call them. Enjoy . . . 
White O' Morn from the movie, The Quiet Man; starring John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara
Blessings from O'hio . . . Kim<><


  1. Kim, I just love anything Irish, Scottish and English. I love the pictures of the cottages. My ancestors come from Ireland, Scotland and England.
    My Dad's mother was an McMillan from Scotland but they came into Ireland during a war. My Dad's father is from England a Gledhill. There is still a mansion in England. I would love to travel there someday. I will send some prayers for your dear man.
    Yes, the election was very sad. We must never give up on this great nation. The Lord will preserve it. We may need to go through some hard moments; but all will be well.
    Blessings and hugs!

  2. Love the Scottish/Irish/English cottages too. I am part Scotch-Irish and German. So all things quaint and country I love. I tend to gravitate more toward log cabins, however, even though I'd take an English Cottage if given the chance. Thank you for sharing these...and so glad things are looking better for your hubby. Been praying for him. Blessings from Florida.

  3. Hi. Just found this post. I got to take a trip to Ireland, Wales and England in the mid-1980s. Just spent one night each in Wales and England, but got to be in Ireland for a couple of weeks. It was a beautiful, magical place. We stayed in a couple of rental houses that looked like the houses shown here, except with tile roofs rather than thatch. I became convinced that Ireland really is inhabited by naughty fairies and leprechauns, because I managed to lock my keys in the rental car twice and my purse was stolen! But, my daughter, Kaitlin, was conceived there, so, we got to bring home a little magical creature with us!

    1. HA! What a great souvenir! I'm sure your over-all experience was a great one. It's so good to know that lovely places like these exist somewhere, isn't it? And even more wonderful to be able to visit in person. I'm glad you got to go.

      Blessings from Ohio . . .


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