Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday, Jessica!

To my dearest Jessica,

I just can't believe that this is your 25th birthday! My, where has the time gone? The last time I saw you & held you in my arms, you were a beautiful, auburn-haired 3 months old. But, the LORD had much better plans for you than this ol' broken down world of ours & you have been w/Him ever since then.

But, I'm only human & I miss you...I think about you everyday, even if it's simply a fleeting thought, & I can't wait to give you an eternity's-worth of hugs & kisses! I can still remember how you smelled, how you felt...I know exactly how your little body felt when I held you, when I lifted you to kiss you & when your little fingers wrapped around mine.

25 years ~ can that be true?

I hope you don't mind that we don't visit your grave very often. I feel guilty about it, but once I get there I realize that YOU aren't there at all.

We've kept our promise to you...Jasper & Jenna have always known about you, your picture is always out & we have always spoken freely about you as a family. You would be so proud of those sisters of yours & I know you would have been a fun-loving part of all those teenaged giggles that went on upstairs late at night!

I can't wait to see you, Honey. Tell your other 2 brothers or sisters (we know not which) who were conceived but never born & held, that Mommy & Daddy loves them, too. We'll try to bring a pretty fall bouquet out to you soon.

I love you, Mommy<><


  1. Crying now, & praying for you as you walk through this day.

  2. Kim..you are precious. A mother's heart holds so much. Praying many sweet blessings to fall upon you today..Trish


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