Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Monday, June 28, 2010

Deviled Eggs & Getting w/the 'Beat'

Any summer picnic, carry-in, family get-together or holiday meal just doesn't seem to be complete w/o those yummy deviled eggs! And they're even more appetizing if they're served on Grandma's ~ or Great-Grandma's ~ antique deviled egg plate.

And a seasoned cook will also know the difference when a recipe calls for a 'slightly beaten' egg or 'stiff peaks'...but that will come after this awesome recipe for deviled eggs...

1 dozen hard boiled, peeled eggs; sliced in half, length-wise

8 TB. mayonnaise

2 TB. Dijon-style mustard

2-3 TB. sweet pickled relish

4-6 dashes of Kosher salt

4-6 dashes of fresh ground black pepper

8 TB. finely chopped fresh OR dried chives


~After eggs have cooled, remove cooked yokes from the length-wize-cut whites. Place the white halves, cut side up, on a plate.

~ In a bowl, mash up the yokes. Add mayo & mustard, mash & mix w/fork until well blended.

~Add chives, relish, salt & pepper; mix well.

~W/a spoon, carefully stuff whites w/the yolk mix, rounding off the tops.

~Sprinkle tops w/paprika.

~Cover & chill at least 1 hr. before serving.


Getting w/the 'Beat'...

While making nearly any egg recipe, we come across terms that may need defined. Here's a quick tutorial for you...

SLIGHTLY BEATEN: Use a fork to beat your egg. Egg is considered beaten when white & yoke are mixed enough that no streaks are seen.

BEATEN EGG YOKES: W/a high-speed OR rotary mixer, beat yolks for 5 mins OR until they are thick & lemon-colored.

SOFT PEAKS: In a glass OR metal bowl (NO plastic!), & using either a rotary beater OR a an electric mixer on medium speed, beat egg whites until peaks form that curl over.

STIFF PEAKS: Same as 'soft peaks' BUT on high speed & beat until the peaks stand straight up.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

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  1. I love deviled eggs, though I don't make them very often! Thank you for the recipe. We're having a barbeque on Saturday, so I think I'll give them a try. I hope your family has a wonderful July 4th!!


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