Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Must-Read Blog Posts!

One of my favorite blogs to read is from Lady of Virtue at Large Family Mothering. You do NOT have to be from a large family to benefit from her timely, gracious, encouraging, bold blog posts. She so often says exactly what I'm thinking...whether I've realized it until she's expressed it or not.

Here are 2 of her latest posts that YOU NEED to read:

1) Life on the Fringe ~ if you need encouragement in your choice to stay home w/your babies & live on one-income in a two-income world, while extended family & even church family are poo-pooing your choice of life-style...


2) Respectable ~ an excellent post on why the 'women's movement' has not only enslaved women but has actually caused men to disrespect women, especially those women who are DEMANDING respect.

Let me know what you think. You will be blessed.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><


  1. Great posts. I am now following her blog. Thanks for sharing.

    God Bless.

    I hear all the time "what do you do all day?" and "gainful employment." Isn't homemaker a job?? My Mom thinks that I have no ambition. No I don't. I have seen women who have ambition. No Thank you!!

  2. Amy ~ "I have seen women who have ambition. Not Thank you!!" Well said!

    Blessings, Kim<><

  3. Hahaha ~ Typo's...that'll teach me...I should just copy/paste! lol


  4. I enjoy all her posts as well.

  5. I will go check them out! Thank you for sharing them! :)


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