Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Anonymous...

Recently, there was a commentor on a HOMESCHOOL blog who is a Christian public school teacher. As often happens...in my humble opinion...our choice to homeschool our children is wrongly seen as a failure to evangelize the schools. This 'argument' really ruffles my feathers b/c, as I read Scripture, there is NO place where God sends children out to evangelize, only adults. She also said that there was no Bible verse to suggest that homeschooling was a Biblical option. Oh, and another thing...they commented as "Anonymous." Brave. :-/ Not.

Below is my response to her. I'd be interested in your thoughts...


Dear Anonymous,

Praise God that you are a Christian teacher in a pagan/public school! The unsaved world needs YOU...but NOT OUR children. Our children are home where they belong.

Children were NEVER intended to be sent out among the wolves of this unsaved world to evangelize...NEVER.

~ Jesus/God NEVER sent children...

- The 72 that Jesus sent out were TRAINED ADULTS; not children.

- The apostles/disciples were TRAINED ADULTS; not children.

- The ONLY time in the Bible we see children being involved in pagan education is Moses and Daniel, Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego (which, by the way, were the names the pagans gave to them). Those young men were there because they were captives.

- We are breaking our children free of a pagan, anit-Christian system.

- You are taking your place as an ADULT carrying on the word of Christ in a fallen world...you are in your correct, Biblical role as an adult, children sent to p.s. to 'evangelize' are not.

~ A homeschool Bible verse? How about Deut. 6:6-7..."These commandments that I [God] give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on [teach them to] your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." In other words: ALL THE TIME. HOW can we do that if they spend 24,000+ hours of their most teachable, most impressionable years AWAY from our homes being taught the lies of evolution as truth...rewritten history as truth...deviant sexual practices as "just another way to love" and as truth by a person, a stranger to their family, in "authority" over them? By someone who is not a Christian? By someone who is NOT YOU?! Even YOU are REQUIRED to teach the lies and distortions in your textbooks. I AM NOT!!

~ Jesus, Himself, didn't enter His own ministry until He was 30. Even Luke 2:52 insinuates that Jesus went home w/His PARENTS to be instructed: "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor w/God and men." He grew in wisdom and stature AT HOME. When Jesus was growing up, as a good Jewish boy, He followed the Jewish tradition of family education:

1) The 1st level of education was ALWAYS at home. They were taught, from birth, the Torah and all Scriptural and family knowledge was passed down orally and memorized. They were HOMESCHOOLED.

2) The 2nd level of Jewish education was called Bet Sefer, which means 'House of the Book.' Children in this level were from ages 6 (officially) to 10. Here is where they began memorizing and learning about the Torah in full.

3) The 3rd level, Bet Talmud (House of Learning), would be where children between 10 to 14 (especially since a 13 year old boy was considered a man after his Bar-mitzvah, he could learn outside the home) decided whether they were to continue w/their father's trade (more homeschooling) OR move on to be educated by the Rabbis and study/learn/memorize the entire O.T. This is where they would "take on" the "likeness" of their teacher/Rabbi. This is where Jesus' warning that "A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher" (Luke 6:40) is to be fully heeded in our culture. This is both a promise AND a warning...I don't want my children to be like the teachers I see in the public school system...I want my daughters to grow up to be the mothers - the hands that rock the cradle - of tomorrow, sons to be the leaders of tomorrow...to be the godly fathers and husband/wives and mothers of tomorrow. To be the missionaries, the preachers, the godly business owners, the statesmen and women, the entertainers...and even the teachers...of tomorrow!!

We believe that we are following the path God laid out for us in this fallen, fallen world...to show them the path of righteousness and to groom them, to train them, to coach them, to nourish them just as a gardener tends their seedlings, until it is TIME for them to step out into the mud of this world, be planted and grow...and be productive BECAUSE they were protected, nourished and taught how to grow and produce AT HOME.

YOU are where you should be...YOU are an adult. Our children need to be at home...where they belong.

Blessings from Ohio, Kim<><


  1. amen! Christian Teachers should evangelize by their witness and love for the children .. not put children in that place!

    amen, Kim. I applaud your repsonse :)

  2. Preach it! I heartily agree with you, Kim!

  3. I have decided to stop following this blog as I feel real hate here.

    I am very happy sending my child to a loving Christian School. It is a shame when people get so self-rightous.

    Please remember to love your neighbor.

  4. Dear Amy ~ I'm so sorry to have offended you, but I was replying to someone who, being from a public school (not a Christian school), took it upon themselves to offend homeschoolers' choices. The idea that children should be sent to public schools as evangelists is something that many homeschoolers deal w/from time-to-time &, as it came to my attention AGAIN in a public forum, I answered...as did many others. I only printed my own answer/opinion.

    I in no way wish anything I say/write to be translated as 'hate' or 'self-righteous.' I suppose all opinion can be considered self-righteous in some way or other. But as life will go on, I hope you are happy & are the recipiant of many of the Lord's blessings.


  5. As a fellow homeschooling mother, I *do* agree that children should be raised in a Christian environment. Back in the day, public schools were basically Christian! :) But now...things are just so backwards...and there is such a negative influence, unfortunately, from other students, who haven't had the bringing up in a Christian home.

    I didn't sense hate in your post...but rather a passion for your beliefs. I know that some would read this in a negative tone, as noone wants to believe that they are doing something that is bad for their children.

    I went to public school...and went astray...but thankfully, God sought me and called me back to Him! :) I will be forever grateful! Now, I homeschool my children, because I *know* what public school is like...and truly desire better for my children! **Even** if every other student there was of good, moral character and influence....in a public school, they choose the (usually liberal and more left leaning) curriculum! I love to be able to select my own stuff....as well as being with my children, who God has entrusted me with!!! :)

  6. No there was not hate in your wise and Biblical post. Readers can disagree, and that's ok. We must each do as we feel lead by the Holy Spirit. Your thoughts came across clear, well thought out and certainly Biblical. Thanks for speaking out, Kim.

  7. Kim, I love your blog, and while my girls attend public school, and I can diasagree with your thoughts, I saw no hatred in any way:) We all become passionate in one thing or another, and it's funny how that passion is always turned into something negative.

    I love my girls school, it is public, therefore no Christian values, but I also believe that the teachers are not the only one to be teaching my children. That is first and foremost MY job!

    Love you!

  8. Thank you for the post Kim. I totally agree with your opinion, as its mine also. I didn't sense any hatred or animosity, you were stating your opinion and backing it up with Jewish history and scripture. There are some good public schools and some great teachers out there, but they have to teach the curriculum and can't change. Often, this curriculum totally ignores Christianity and promotes alternatives. We are responsible for our children and every parent has to do what they believe is right for their family.

  9. Well amen for Christian teachers, true Godly bible believing teachers. That teach according to the Holy Book of God, (His Written Word) But I sure agree with you sister, God give parents the command to raise your children in love and admonition of the lord, not given to the teachers, when school was first started the book they learned from was the Bible, and not all the wizards, and adulters, and evolutinist like in the public schools today, no one brough knives or guns to school, if they did they were EXPELLED...Not told no don't you do that no more.
    Yeah I am on your side, Parents need to train, and teach their own children, God give you these dear souls to train, not that teacher, in any school really. Who can love and teach your child better than you, who has their soul at heart more than you..
    Lots of hugs, and keep your stand...Barbara

  10. Thank you, ladies, for your support & encouraging words!

    Love & blessings to you all...K<><

  11. It was a great post...my children are in public school. But wish I could homeschool...however, they would be incredibly lonely at home as they are adopted internationally and spent their lives in an orphanage. We tried homeschooling in the beginning but they were so lonely that it almost drove them crazy. We do attend a great school, BUT the "world" is nuts out there and we deal with so much stuff when they come home. Not them personally...but name calling, bullying goes on...everything NOT christian. I even dislike the teaching methods of some.

    I also saw NO hate in your post and did not take it personally. I totally agree with you, but cannot seem to find a balance. My older girls were homeschooled for seven years and then finished their last three years in public school. We had terrible bullying of two of my girls. We survived..and they are now serving the Lord...one with YWAM and one teaching special needs children in a pre-school/daycare. Prayer I know is what got us through. Satan is working hard these days, and trying to destroy our children. We must be on our knees daily and hourly because even if we homeschool, the world does and can creep in. We just have to go to the mall to see that...watch TV...even the grocery store you will see and hear things.

    Thank you for a wonderful post. I am commenting anonymously because I don't have a blogspot account any longer.


  12. Sorry, Lynn again...my three oldest are through school like I said, but still have three in the public/elementary years.

  13. Hello Marmee. *smile* I enjoyed "seeing" the passion in your words. I fallow your journal and your thoughts as I am a momma of two little ones that I hope to home school for several reasons mainly being that it is heavy on my husband's and my heart do to so. We both attended public school and I also attended christian school growing up and I have gal pals who have children in the public school system. We share our experiances and hopes for our children. It's interesting to see where we are alike and where we differ. *smile* All people are different, but it's funny to see it. *smile* Anyways, your passion here is unmistakeable as this is not your first entry sharing your thoughts on home school verses public school. It's a definate hot topic and mommas generaly feel they have to choose a side, really it's about where you think God is leading you. I do pray for those who are in the school system outside the home as their loads are heavy and without a deep relationship with the Lord it's a very rough row to hoe. I hoed it in my day and found plenty of rocks in my way, praise the Lord for watching over me and giving me God fearing Jeasus fallowing teachers in my days. Even some sciance teachers were God fearing and would clearly state that this is just what the book says...like a little girl who thinks she will one day be a real princess. To know that they are just getting you past that one part in the book and put more emphasis on other parts of sciance was wonderful. God bless His teachers in the school district! *big smile* Have a great day knowing God loves you and that I appriciate your passion for home teaching. Sincerley, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  14. So well-put! I couldn't have said it better myself!

  15. Your words were gracious and honest. Your history lesson regarding the education of children shows how well versed you are. I have to laugh when I read about children evangelizing in school, my nephew at the age of 7 was called into the office with his mother for evangelizing on the playground.

    Later in the year, he was not allowed to pass out his valentines because they were christian.

    The children are not allowed to evangilize, even if it were their biblical obligation to do so. I so hate the thought of sending the kids to a place where God is not allowed

    ...I thank God for giving me the heart to teach at home...


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