Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Monday, April 2, 2012

Homemade Anti-Airborne Infections Spray

This is a great spray to have on-hand at ALL times of the year . . .

  • if someone has a cold, flu or virus
  • if you are having company & don't know what strange germs they may be bringing in ~ especially if they are from out of state or out of country; this will benefit BOTH you & them
  • to take with you on vacations & spray in your rental car, restrooms, hotel/condo/cabin/cottage/RV/etc
  • spray on your sheets

You will need:

~1/2 oz eucalyptus essential oil
~1/2 oz bergamot essential oil
~1/2 oz lavender essential oil
~amber or blue glass mixing bottle (around 2 o
~distilled water

~atomizer/spray/mist bottle {**all bottles pictured are available through Frontier Natural Products OR from your local health food store**}

  1. Mix all 3 essential oils in a small, dark (amber or blue) glass bottle w/a good lid; you will not use all of the oil mixture at one time & the remaining will need stored in a cool place
  2. fill the atomizer/spray/mist bottle almost full w/the distilled water ~ leave room to add the essential oils & still have some "shake room"
  3. Add at least 30 drops (or more, to your preference) of the oil blend to the distilled water
  4. shake well to blend; shake well before each use
  5. use as desired

I really like having this w/us on vacations. You never know who was in the room/condo/cabin/cottage/RV/etc before you or what they left behind. :-?

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><


  1. Is there anyway around using the eucalyptus....I am very allergic to it! Is there an alternative that is just as effective?

    1. You could probably substitute w/rosemary & peppermint. 1/2 oz rosemary, 1/4 oz peppermint in the blend b/c rosemary has more of an anti-bacterial "punch," while the peppermint w/help open up the sinuses.

      Blessings, K~

  2. Oh Kim, thanks for this one. We just got a back from a visit to our daughter who lives in South Dakota. I came back all stuffed up and I am hoping it isn't a cold. I will try this one.
    Blessings to you and have a lovely week.


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