Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Not too Early to Plan Your Garden!

Here's some very timely advice from my Farmer's Almanac newsletter. Trying to keep warm against the winter chill causes us to forget that planting those gardens ~ whether they're large family gardens, small kitchen gardens or decorative but useful herb gardens. So, since it was a good reminder to me, I though it might be a good reminder to someone reading this, too.

I hope your garden is a success this year!

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

Expert Advice

It’s Not Too Early to Start Planning Your Garden

• Make a garden diagram drawn to scale before placing your spring order.

• Remember this rule of thumb for planning perennial gardens: The width of the garden should be about twice the height of the tallest plant growing in it.

• Organize, clean, oil, and sharpen garden tools. A splash of bright paint on tool handles will make them easier to spot out in the yard.

• Visit a greenhouse or nursery near you and talk with the experts about your growing problems. Ask them about shrub varieties best for your conditions.

See tips on planning your landscape.


  1. I have been thinking alot about my garden. We would have to start planting much sooner here. I had such a terrible first garden here in Texas last year that I am not sure if I want to go there.

    I will probably just grow herbs. I had pretty good luck with them. The terrible heat and the flooding rains is so hard to deal with.

  2. I think we had received a catalog from every seed company we do business with back before Christmas...and we've been looking through them, making plans.

    I especially appreciate the tip about how to plan for a perennial garden. I don't know if I'll ever have mine the way I want it!

    Hope you were able to accomplish everything you wanted to get done today.


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