Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ear Candling

Since I now work in a health food store (nope...haven't given up on the dream of my own bulk food store), I've happily been put in charge of the health & beauty dept. I have watched as an old remedy has come back into popularity...ear candling. I have heard of it for years but had never, that I knew of, met anyone recently who had done this. I just remember older relatives talking about having done it years ago. I live in a part of Ohio that has been rated as #3 in the country in pollen count. People w/allergies & sinus problems are suffering & MANY are coming back to this old tried & true remedy. They swear by it!

A while back, I did some research & copied it to my documents (I believe it came from a Canadian lady's blog...The Noble Touch?), copied a couple of pics off of Google (so I'd know what they looked like & how they work) & have been trying to convince my DH & DD#2 to do this. This spring has been so hard on them, so if you have tried this, I'd be interested in your experience & results.

But, for your own information, here's what I found out about ear candling...

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

Ear candling dates back to Egyptian times over 4000 years ago. The candle is made of natural beeswax and unbleached cotton muslin. You lay on your side on a massage table. After lighting the top, the bottom is inserted into the ear canal. The spiral of the candle causes the smoke to be pulled down into the ear canal causing the wax to warm and soften. As it heats, a horseshoe effect happens, causing suction, pulling out old wax and debris. As the candle burns, you feel a drawing or gentle pulling and hear a crackling or hissing noise. The heat feels very soothing.


All ages can benefit!



Many people prefer ear candling instead of the ears being "flushed out" by a medical doctor because of the gush of water causing pressure on the eardrum. Some of the benefits are:

1) clearing the sinuses (allergies);

2) helps stop ear itching (flaky fungus);

3) improves hearing (wax build up);

4) improves balance;

5) relieves headaches;

6) helps stop ringing in the ears;

7) helps with swimmer's ear; and

8) helps with that plugged feeling, before and after flying.


  1. My hubby has a terrible earwax problem and we've done candling for years. I've even had it done and enjoyed it. HUm...maybe it is time again.

    Have you ever used a neti pot? I've always wanted to but thus far have chickened out :)


  2. We went to the health food store and bought
    ear candles a few years ago for my husband.
    He had excessive earwax, as Mrs. P's husband.
    He said it was very soothing and it was just
    amazing the amount of wax (looked like a
    lot more than just wax!)that came out. He
    was able then to hear better too.
    We've been reading about using a neti pot,
    but haven't bought one as yet.

  3. Love it! We've been using "candling" in our family for the last 4-5 years. It helps a lot with allergies. That reminds me....I'm way past due! :)


  4. My husband candled his ear one time and ended up with an ear full of wax. He now is very "anti" candling. Can you give me an idea of what happened. It sounds like it would be so soothing! Thanks for continuing to give us such incredible information!

  5. Thanks, ladies, for your encouragement! Good to know that it's been mostly successful.

    Sheri ~ That's so sad that it didn't work out for your DH. I'm wondering about a few things: Was he lying down? Was the pointy end all the way down into his ear? Did whoever was holding the candle in his ear keep moving it up & down to 'see' if it was doing anything? I would think that if it was lifted up a few times that it might bread the 'thread' of suction between the ear & the candle, then it would spill back into the ear...just some thoughts.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  6. Sheri ~ that was SUPPOSED to be "*break* the suction..." lol K<><

  7. I guess you have to pay to have this professionally done? Or is this something you sell in the health food store for folks to do on their own?

  8. Monica ~ if you pay for it, you're getting ripped off. This is SO easy to do, 15-20 mins each ear. Have someone w/you since there's fire involved. :-) We sell them at the health food store for $2.49 each. Well worth it.

    Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><


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