Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cleavers ~ Common Bitter Herb with Many Roles

For those of us in the Midwest and the Eastern part of the U.S., how many times have we been on a walk through the a grassy-woody area and passed by those long, sticky plants that sometimes attract those dreaded chiggers? Ick! Many times, they grow in the same areas as Queen Ann's Lace. And like so many plants that people deem to be "weeds," Cleavers (a.k.a. Goose Grass) is actually very good for us.
Cleavers is considered a Bitter Herb, and as such, almost automatically makes it beneficial to the liver and bile-producing organs. Not only, that but Cleavers can clear out your lymph system by reducing inflammation, including tonsils. Like dandelion, Cleavers can helps detox not only the liver, but the pancreas, spleen and kidneys; however, it is not the high, non-constipating iron source that dandelion is. 
Since it helps detox the urinary tract by stimulating urine flow (yes, it makes you pee :-D ), it has been recommended by herbalists to helps clear up urinary tract infections (UTIs) and to help pass kidney stones. 

Making a strong Cleavers tea, and applying with a cotton ball, is known to help with acne, seeping boo-boos, eczema, psoriasis and to tighten the skin so that fine lines are less evident (similar to hyaluronic acid). 

New mommies will want to consider using a Cleavers poultice for mastitis. If possible, use fresh Cleavers, but dried will work. 1) Make your own tea bag stuffed with as much Cleavers as it will hold, boil the bag in a small pot of water ~ just enough to get the bag hot all the way through, you're not making a tea this time ~ once it is JUST COOL ENOUGH to put on your skin, lay the tea bag onto the sore area. Putting it inside your nursing bra will work, however, you may want to put a nursing pad between the tea bag and your bra so that it doesn't stain. Make as many bags as you think you will need and warm them one at a time, use as often as you need to. You will notice almost immediate relief. 2) You can also cut open the tea bag and apply/"paint" the warm poultice directly to the sore area of your breast. Again, put a disposable nursing pad between the poultice and your breast so that you don't stain your bra. The choice of how your want to do it is up to you.
To make your own homemade Cleavers Tincture, click HERE for a simple recipe. Most droppers hold 20-30 drops full. Take 1-2 dropper-fulls up to 4 times per day in a glass of cold water. This recipe should last up to 2 years.
Cleavers Tea is very simple. Use a tea ball, infuser or make your own tea bag by using 1 ts per cup or 1-1/2 ts per mug of tea. Add just a large pinch of peppermint or spearmint to it if you don't like the taste to be so "green." However, it is very pleasant on it's own. Do not add honey or any sweetener, let it work on it's own. Steep good and strong for about 20 minutes. Drink as often as you like through the day.

Enjoy your good health.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<>< 
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