Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Monday, March 19, 2012

Who Just Had a Birthday? I Did!

Yes, yesterday was the 53rd anniversary of my birthday. I always begin the day by silently asking the Lord to wish my twin & only sister, Kathy, a happy birthday (she only lived 4 hours).

As we grow older, at least in my case, we don't get so many gifts as we used to when we were little; but this year I was blessed w/an exceptionally "gifty" birthday. :-)

The 1st gifts were from my sweet DD#2 (before she got sick). We happened to both have Wednesday off work so we went on a girl's day out to a local outdoor mall ~ The Green ~ & had lunch & zipped in & out of lots of great shops. She got me a lovely lace & linen-ish top & I got myself a neato necklace (above).

The 2nd gift was from ourselves, lol. About 3 weeks ago my old stove bit the dust ~ fortunately, I hit the breaker before it took the house with it! So, on Thursday my new stove arrived! I'll let you in on something . . . b/c I had no stove, for the 1st time in years I HAD to BUY a loaf of bread AND a small bottle of laundry detergent! ACK! I nearly choked when I saw the price of the detergent . . . 1 more reason to keep making my own detergent! And, of course, the 1st thing I baked in my new oven was a loaf of bread. :-P

Friday, my co-workers sang Happy Birthday to me & our manager, who is a jewelry maker, gave me a lovely set of earrings that she made ~ fallish-earth-tones ~ totally "me."

With my actual birthday being on a Sunday, the day was a bit of a whirlwind . . .

My sweet 21 yr old DD#2 now has a cold (she's doing better today, thank you) which she "lovingly gave" to THE Man. So, DD#2 spent the day on the couch being warmed & worried over by Maggie (the dog), while my sweet Man went to church early for the 8:30 service for Deacon duties (I don't DO 8:30 services), even though he was under the weather. I then went in before the 2nd service for worship team practice. THE Man went home to rest a little before we went out for lunch, after completing his Deacon Duties for the 2nd service, while I stayed for that service.

I went home to check on DD#2, pick up THE Man & then we met DD#1 & some dear friends at O'Charlee's. I have to tell you that I am very undeservedly BLESSED to have my little family & our dear friends who love me. Sundays are such busy days for many of us ~ sadly, not the Day of Rest that it is meant to be :-/ ~ & to have dear ones who will take the time to celebrate w/us means the world.

When we went out to eat, our sweet DD#1 got me a bag of mini Reese's cups :-P

& the sweetest card! It says:

My Amazing Mom ~
For all you are

and all you do,
I'll always be
in awe of you.

Love you so much!!
Happy Birthday!
Love, J & J

How could I ask for more from my girls?

Then our friends gave me the most gorgeous scarf/shawl. (Does this match the shirt above or what?!) The funny thing is that just that morning, it was a little cool & I was wishing for something exactly like it to put over my bare arms! And as if that weren't enough, a lovely necklace to boot! The Lord is SO good!

Their son, our sweet god-son, got me a card w/balloons on the front. 11 yr old "D" drew the faces of each one of us ~ his parents, himself & our family (including Jessica) on each of the balloons. Too cute. Inside, our friends wrote:

There is simply not enough words
in the English language to tell you
how much we love you, "T" &
the girls. It is a privilege to be on this
journey in Christ with you.
It is your love that demonstrates God's love
for us. "D," "M" & myself are blessed
to love you

Why do people like to make me cry in public?!?! lol

And as if that weren't enough ~ my Sweetheart, THE Man, got me a lovely card which reads:

A man like me has a lot to
be thankful for ~
And at the top of the list
is you ~
a woman who knows me,
accepts me,
and whose love has made
so many things right.
I'll never know what I did
to deserve a life this good.
But I do know what's at the very
heart of it:
Beautiful you.
Happy Birthday
I love you more each day.

I hope our girls will have men that will give them cards like this. (I think one already does.)

Thank you for letting me gush a little
. It's been such a long 3 yrs since THE Man's layoff, my mom's illness & passing, having to go back to working outside the house & all ~ I just wanted to share my wonderful day w/you.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><


  1. I'm so happy that your day was special. You deserve it~! Love ya~!

  2. Happiest of birthdays to you...such lovely gifts all from the heart. It is 3 years for us too, my DH works p/t at the zoo and loves it, I've always worked p/t too..it is difficult holding down the fort, but God does take care of us and knows the way out...I keep having to remind myself that change is good, something good will come out of it.

  3. Happy Birthday! Today is mine :) March babies are fun people ;) Beautiful gifts! I am reading blogs while my men are fixing dinner...life is good!

    1. Happy birthday, Allison!!! Yes, March babies ARE fun people. Hope your day was great.

      Blessings . . .

  4. What a special day....for a very special person.

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Your birthday sounds heavenly. God has truly blessed you with good friends, a loving family, and precious memories. Happy Happy birthday.

  6. Well Happy Birthday to you, Kim! I truly enjoyed your post and reading about your wonderful surprises. What a blessing you enjoyed for your special day...

  7. Happy Birthday Kim! This was a beautiful post and I loved reading about your day. What lovely gifts and thoughts. You have a wonderful family and friends and I know that you are well loved by them all. You are just one of those wonderful spirits that give love and receive it too.
    Blessings to you and hugs too.

  8. Sounds like a wonderfully blessed day full of love and friendship! I hope your year is awesome!


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