Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun with Dear Friends

I take (almost) any excuse I can to find a way to get away for a weekend w/some dear, dear friends of ours . . . even if it's to go to Michigan. Yes . . . even die-hard Buckeye friends will occasionally cross the border w/"The State Up North" ~ eh hemm ~ to visit people we love.
The grown (can it be???) children of our friends have had the blessing of graduating in the same year ~ one from college & the other from high school. So, of course, these milestones MUST be celebrated.
My Sweetheart & I arrived at our motel late on Friday night. We were joyfully awakened the next morning by a phone call from "B" asking if she & "J" could take us to breakfast. Are you KIDDING?! Bring it ON! I'm mean . . . we politely accepted their invitation.

Lovely, yummy breakfast in an outside dining area in their quaint historic town w/dear friends. A great way to start the day.

After breakfast, we ventured to a weekly farmer's market for herbs & flowers. Oh, & homemade toffee from a vendor. :-P

{Note my Sweetheart's Ohio State t-shirt!}

Off to the house to help put the final touches on home & yard to get ready to the next day's festivities. Why is it that work doesn't quite seem like work ~ even when it's hot & humid ~ when you are w/people you love & enjoy? Pranks, jokes & laughing over memories of times past while working sure helps it all pass quicker.
I went to my 1st Costco ~ all I could think of was "Did You Hear What Happened to the Morgan's" the whole time I was in there! HA! And we also went to the coolest trendy-but-well-priced grocery store I've EVER been to. WOW! I wish we had one here.
Then, Sunday worship w/our friends at their church. Tremendous worship & timely, effective message.
And on to the house to PAR-TAY! Food, family & friends ensued. I'm sure the grads had a great time & many happy memories were made.
{Poor guy ~ he knows that he HAS to get a lipstick kiss from me ~ tradition, ya know. He has learned to simply give in b/c it's GOING to happen.} '-)
Then, all too soon, we had to make our way home b/c, after all, Monday has a habit of coming every week & that means back to the real world & my hubbie's early morning wake up time.

We had a very nice drive back ~ made a stop at a huge Bass Pro store. WOW! And I'll say it backwards: WOW! We could have stayed there for weeks! Then a nice supper at a Penera, a couple more hours down the road & we were home. And WHAT should await us but a sparkling scrubbed bathroom & a cleaned out frig that our DD#2 & her friend had done while we were gone! Gotta love THAT!

The weekend simply went too, too fast. Why does it always happen that way?

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

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  1. I'm glad you got to have such a fun time with great friends!.....Denise


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