Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Monday, June 20, 2011

Shoshanna's Miracle Herb Rub & Oil

I know many of us have gleaned so much wisdom & information from the Pearl family. Their daughter, Shoshanna, has a great website, Bulk Herb Store, & puts out an equally great e-newsletter.

Her latest newsletter was quite timely at my house; you may know that my sweet DH recently discovered that the severe pain he was suffering from is a ripped muscle. Shoshanna's e-newsletter cut short my research for some relief for my DH w/the a reprint of her mom's Miracle Herb Rub recipe.

Thank you, Shoshanna!

It is easy & inexpensive to make so I thought I would share it w/you. I'm going to try the one for Bruises & Muscle Injury for my sweetie. Be sure to go to her website & sign up for her e-newsletter.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

Miracle Herb Rub

Article by Debi Pearl, May 2006

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There are muscle rubs, and again, there are muscle rubs. Through the combined knowledge of several people, we were able to come up with this amazingly effective combination. Every ache and pain you ever had will often just melt away. So, if you are one of the thousands of ladies who have back pain or are married to some hard working HE-man who needs a good back rub every once in a while, this is your rub. It beats Icy Hot or any other rub on the market. It’s easy to make, inexpensive, and will keep on the shelf until you need it. It smells so good and feels so smooth as it is rubbed in, and it causes deep relief.

• 1/2 cup Arnica flowers - whole
• 1/2 cup St. John’s Wart - cut
• 1 tsp. Cayenne pepper - powder
• 16 oz. wintergreen rubbing alcohol
• 1/4 - 1/2 cup olive oil

Simply combine a cup of the premixed herbs with 16 oz. of wintergreen rubbing alcohol (available in most pharmacies). Store the mixture in a dark, dry and cool place for 2 weeks (shaking daily). After the 2 weeks, strain, and discard the herbs. Add 1/4 -1/2 cup of olive oil, then bottle and label. Shake the mixture before each use. When finished, I store my Miracle Herbal Rub in hot sauce bottles because we always have several empty ones and they have tiny holes so I can shake the rub unto the skin. I usually make several bottles at a time, so they will be available to give to a friend in need.

Joint Pain
We have recently learned that a number of people have successfully used a variation of this remedy to deal with their rheumatism, tendonitis, arthritis, etc. Simply follow the same directions listed above, but do not add the oil. For temporary relief of any joint pain, apply the herbal rubbing alcohol all over the affected area. In just minutes, you’ll start to feel the pain disappear.

Bruises or Muscle Injury
Another variation of this remedy is used to dissolve bruises and alleviate muscle pains (inflammation) resulting from heavy physical training or an injury such as a torn or pulled muscle. It requires no rubbing alcohol and can be prepared in a matter of hours rather than a few weeks. In a saucepan, heat (slow simmer) equal parts of the premixed herbs with olive oil or lard for several hours or longer. Allow to cool, then strain and bottle the oil for use as needed. Many athletes prefer this variation after training or a workout. For more information on oil infusions, reference the books Herbal Antibiotics and Practical Herbalism.

These premixed herbs can also be made into an ointment or salve. As you can see, there are many ways to prepare this remedy for a number of different uses. There are books available from the Bulk Herb Store that will give you more information - might even make an herbalist out of you. The Bulk Herb Store is in no way connected to No Greater Joy Ministries or to Mike & Debi, so do not mix your correspondence.

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A Word of Warning
• This is for external use ONLY. DO NOT use it internally.
• DO NOT use on broken skin.

Making an Infused Oil with Arnica

Depending how much massage oil to want, you will need a ratio of: 1 part Arnica flower and 5 parts of your favorite oil.

  1. Put the dried flowers in a glass jar
  2. Cover with carrier oil (olive)
  3. Place a paper towel or cheese cloth over the jar, secure with a caning ring
  4. Let sit for six weeks
  5. Check the oil from time to time, make sure the arnica is totally covered over with oil, add more if you need to.
  6. When it’s finished infusing strain with a cheese cloth. Put the oil in a pretty jar and label it.

To make a salve:

  1. 1 cup olive oil (warmed).
  2. 2-3 tsp of beeswax (melted).
  3. Mix oils together.
  4. Add 2 tbsp of the infused oil.
  5. Add a drop of vitamin E oil for every ounce of oil. This is a natural preservative.
  6. While salve is still hot, pour into your container (wide mouth jar, can, etc.).
  7. Let sit over night or until salve is hard.
  8. Screw a lid on tight and label with name and date.


~ If it is too soft for you, reheat it and add a bit more beeswax. If it is too hard reheat it and add a touch more oil.
~ Salves can keep up to five years or more.
~ Keep out of light and extreme heat.


  1. Kim,
    thank you dear one, I will be saving this!

  2. thank you for sharing the link and sharing the recipes...Love Herbal Remedies!

  3. Thank you for stopping by and for your prayers. You are a blessing to me~

    We love the muscle rub! I made it when my oldest was in football. It was a bit stinky but he said it worked so well he didn't mind. I really need to make some more. Thanks for the nudge~



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