Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Any Day with New Shoes is a Good Day!

Yes, yes . . . It's a good day today b/c I finally got the new shoes I've been waiting for. Ahhhh . . . my little piggies are happy as can be.

Age 10 ~ portfolio shot

I grew up in the fashion industry ~ although you'd never know it now & I do NOT have a problem w/that. My mom was in the fashion industry, so I slipped into it by osmosis . . . I began modeling at age 9 up until I was married at 25, plus did double duty as a make-up artist (which I loved) ~ 6 yrs full-time at a dept store & then part-time as a free-lance artist until I was around 32 ~ & then homeschooling took over from there. :-)

So, now that I have quite a few years of LIFE under my belt, I decided several years ago to "rebel" against the 3"-4" heels that I used to have to wear ALL day long in my "professional life" for so many years.

This is the same style I had in the 70's

However, in my teens/early 20's (mid 70's/early 80's), I DID have those better-as-time-went-by-shoes that I would fall right into in my off-time. In those years, they were either cowboy boots or my favorites ~ my Earth Shoes! Oh, yes, those negative heel Anne Kalso Earth Shoes. I had sandals for summer & a pair of oxfords (like those above). I have ALWAYS loved them & was thrilled to find out that they were back on the market, a few years ago. And, just so ya know, when the cowboy boots weren't around, they were good to ride horses in, too.

Now, admittedly, I did cheat on my Earth Shoes over the years. Once I decided that I needed to pamper my feet if I wanted them to serve me well for the long life I hope to live ~ I had an 11 year love affair w/my comfy, cozy Birkenstock mules.

But after wearing them for NEARLY EVERY DAY for those 11 yrs (ask ANYONE who knows me!),

Notice my shoes :-)

& after the soles split from the tops of the shoes & had to be repaired w/duct tape, I finally had to relieve them to garden duty. Fair-thee-well, my dear Birkies, you served me well.

This is what the bottom of my mules look like ~ when I can down-load from my camera again, I'll put pics of mine up.

As you may know, I went back to work outside the home in March of '10 & I am on my feet the whole time at the health food store. I wanted to get a pair of Birkies or Earth Shoes but we simply couldn't swing it, financially, so I got a pair of cheaper L.L. Bean shoes. Nice, comfy enough, but I have a high arch & those shoes simply don't do the trick. By the end of my shift there are nights when I just HAVE to take them off.

Now that my sweet hubby has a bette
r job he said I could get a pair of either Birkies or Earth Shoes! Woohoo!!! My precious Birkie mules are now $130 ~ yikes! They'll have to wait. So, I went to a local store that sells Earth Shoes &, since they didn't carry the ones I wanted, ordered my pair. I have waited patiently (eh-hem) for 4 weeks & finally got my shoes TODAY!!!!!!!!

The Instinct

My little piggies are in shoe heaven. I got the Instinct style so that my feet can breath & I can wear them with or w/o socks. I have to say that the soles are so much softer than the old-style Earth Shoes. They are comfy & cozy & feel good on my arches.

I'm seriously considering saving for these cute little sandals

The Freesia

and for these slightly dressier shoes.

The Simplista

It's been so long since I have been able to be the least bit extravagant & I am so thankful. Just hoping these will bring me many more years of comfort.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><


  1. I'm with you on needing a new pair of shoes! I bought cheap shoes here and there...but like your feet... mine feet would scream...so...after saving pennies... this week my new naturalizer sandals arrived... (they fit my foot the best of any other brand, no matter the style)
    Here's to us ladies that despite the recession/economy...got our new shoe groove back!

  2. Cute shoes!!! And yes we need to take care of our tootsies- were on them all day long.

  3. oh girl! I love my birks! I want to get a second pair, the mules. I LOVE the shoes you picked! adorable!!!


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