Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Friday, June 10, 2011

It Began Like Any Other Day . . .

. . . & then I received a phone call at around 10:30a.m.

It was the nurse where my husband works . . . At his new, 2 month old job 60+ miles away. She said my husband's right shoulder & arm was in terrible pain, his blood pressure was "nearly off the chart" & he was sweating profusely. You can guess what was going through my mind! I HAD to get to my Sweetheart!

He's been having increasing pain in his right shoulder & some numbness in his lower arm for about 10 days & was, in fact, going to go to the Dr. after work, yesterday.

Our 20yr old DD#2 was, gratefully, off work & was with me. So, before I got on the PC to find out how to get to the hospital (since the nurse couldn't tell me how!!! ARGH!), I texted some prayer warrior friends. Our dear brother, lovingly called Bear, called almost immediately & said that he was leaving work & was going to take us there ~ at the very least, so that after I saw him, I could get his things & drive his car home whether he had to stay or not. The LORD is SO good to put these people in our lives. (There are so many others & YOU know who you are. {{{hugs to you}}} )

As the Lord would allow, Hubby had a phone in his ER cubbie & we could talk to him off & on before & during our journey, keeping up w/all the tests & scans that were being done. PTL by the time we got there he was checking out! It turns out that he has a rip in his shoulder muscle next to the rotator cuff & the pain was so severe that it made his blood pressure shoot up. As his family has a history of heart problems we were thrilled to rule THAT out.

So, he was sent home on pain meds & was a happy camper. '-) Unfortunately, the ER Dr has led him to believe that all he can do is take the pain meds till the tear mends itself. Well, you KNOW I'm on that! Research, research, research. lol All he can take while he drives & works is Advil (I'll get him some Arnica Montana while I'm at work tonight) & then he can take his pain meds at home.

Well, it was a whirl-wind day at our house . . . so . . . how was your day?

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><


  1. Praising the Lord, it was "just" the shoulder and not the heart! I'll be praying he heals quickly.

  2. Oh NO, My DH, fell and totally dislocated his shoulder July 21, 2010 and is still on WC..6 months after accident ....Dr. finally did surgery to repair the cuff...You need a SECOND opinion for the tear!!!

  3. So glad to hear that your hubby doesn't have any heart issue. Those torn muscles can be torcher though. I agree with Blessings from a Wildflower, get a second opinion if you can. We will pray for healing!

  4. Well, my day was pretty boring compared to yours....I am happy to report.;)

    Thankful it was his arm, not his heart!! Praying he receives a total healing, Kim. God is good and HE is able!

    Keep us posted.

    Have a (more) peaceful weekend.


  5. Praying for you both~so glad all is well.
    Still on our trip having a great time.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I have tried to email you and email won't go through..Please keep us updated on your dear husband...


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