Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Friday, February 5, 2010

Today My Mom is 80!

My mom...

What a road we have traveled together.

She carried my twin sister, Kathy & I, full term not even knowing that she was having twins. Only to lose Kathy at a mere 4 hours old because of the inexperience of her Dr. who not only didn't know we were twins, but didn't know we were both frank breech.

After 5 weeks, I was 'allowed' to come home. She & my grandma, Bigmom, fussed & worried over me, I'm sure.

After I started school Mother did what she thought was best & started working outside the home. In doing so, she sacrificed our relationship, some-what...time passes & heals. She modeled (& got me into it) & eventually worked her way up to a much-in-demand manager of 'The Regency Room' at a high-end department store in our area. She dressed ALL of the wealthiest of the wealthy in the Miami Valley & even several movie stars who traveled through. Some even requested her when they passed back through the area. She was - and is - always the Fashion Plate.

But the highlight of her life was being married for a mere 16 days short of 51 years to my Daddy.

They had a marriage like few ever know. They LOVED each other. They fought, they disagreed over those 51 years...but they LOVED each other. They simply enjoyed each other's company so much. They went to sleep holding hands every night. They could finish each other's sentences. Having grown up the 'baby' of 14 on a VERY rural Kentucky farm & marrying my daddy when they were 18 & 20, they worked hard & created a dream life together. After they retired they rarely went to the grocery store or to the gas station without the other. They traveled, they camped, they laughed and they danced. Even the night that my Daddy so suddenly died, they had been to their favorite Two-Step meeting place and had danced with their friends.

Mother has never been the same since Daddy died in 1999, 20 minutes after he had kissed her good-night & told her, as he did every night, that he loved her; he died of a massive brain aneurysm. Actually, she's never tried to ever be happy again. That saddens me and I know it would sadden my daddy, who was SO full of LIFE. But I'm not her. My brother & I & our families can only make her as happy & as comfortable as we can. Tomorrow we are having a surprise get-together for her. I hope she will forget her sadness for a few minutes & enjoy the love of the people who will be around her.

Happy 80th birthday, Mother! I love you & I hope you have many, many more.

Blessings from Ohio, Kim<><


  1. what a beautiful tribute! What a blessing to still have your mom with you. tender hugs, Kim!

  2. Happy Birthday to your dear Mom!! Thank you for sharing about her.


  3. Awww Kim, What a beautiful LOVE story between your Mom & Dad. I can say that I truly know how your Mom feels. Having lost THE LOVE of my life, it is SOOOO hard to see much happiness in each day. When My Elgin was killed, a BIG part of my heart was killed with him. I'm so pleased to know that you and your family are doing everything possible to try and bring some happiness back into your Mom's life. Your such a Sweetheart.
    Love you Girlfriend,

  4. HI. I linked to you from "mommeybits.net" because you asked a question on there about blog buttons and how to make it smaller. I am having the same problem and I was wondering how you fixed it??? Could you just reply with a comment on my blog or an email?? Thanks!!

    Also- Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

  5. Happy birthday to your dear mother. What a beautiful story you told of her. I enjoyed the pictures, she is a beautiful lady.

    Joyce Marie

  6. YOur mom is a young 80, beautiful. My grandma is 85 and she lost my grandpa 10 yrs. ago this April fools day. They were teen sweethearts but knew each other in grade school when my grandpa says he fell in love with her long brown hair. They we're inseperable too, and we have all been suprised that my grandma has been able to go on and remain happy. She misses him terribly but she learned to keep living. She even dated a nice widowed man for a while. I hope your mom will have a happy party!

    Your girls are going to love Dear John...it is soooo good!


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