Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

REVIEW: What the Bible Says About Healthy Living

By Dr. Rex Russell, M.D.

OK, I’ll admit it…yes, I was interested in what this book had to say but, I was sure I was going to read it and find out that it was written by another “earth papa guru.” Well…I couldn’t have been more wrong!

This is possibly the most interesting book I’ve ever read on living a healthy life-style based on Biblical concepts. Dr. Russell has put his heart into exploring what the Bible really says about diet and health. There are no out-landish claims, no disgusting concoctions to mix, and no sacrificing of everything we love to eat.

I found his explanation of clean and unclean foods really helpful. I especially appreciated his treatment of fasting and dealing with our relationship with the Lord and our own heart issues. Following God’s plan for healthy living isn’t just diet…as always, God deals with our heart as well.

Dr. Russell’s advice begins with following 3 principles that are laid out in God’s Word: 1) Eat the Foods God Created for You, 2) Don’t Alter God’s Design and 3) Don’t Let Any Food or Drink Become Your God. His explanations are grounded in Scripture and are very thoroughly explained.

The book covers such topics as: grains and nuts, fat in the diet, meats (clean and unclean), sugars and spices, fruits and vegetables and even beverages. The appendices include a fun health IQ quiz, frequently asked questions, mail order whole food sources and how to begin a relationship with your Creator.

Dr. Russell has covered it all and has done it in a thoughtful, God-honoring way.

Blessings from Ohio...


  1. Wow...I tend to steer clear of these kinds of books because of the *Earth Papa Guru* (great term for it, lol) aspect. I'll be checking with our public library to see if they shelf this one. Thanks for the recommendation :)


  2. This is s great read! Makes you look at our food supply through a new set of glasses.


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