Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009 Wrap Up

With my sweet hubby having been laid off since April, & now working a temp job, I have to say that we had a far better CHRISTmas that I had thought we would have. Silly me...the Lord IS good ALL the time!

We had told our beautiful girls that we couldn't get them anything but we did do the "sneaky parent"-thing & got them each a scarf/hat/glove set. No, I didn't make these this year...they have to get something from the store sometime! lol

Evidently, I've infested my DD#1 w/my funky, why-be-like-everybody-else style, b/c I knew she would love this a-little-bit-of-everything set! I would. :-) lol

Then, there's our silly DD#2. We got her the softest EVER black/charcoal/off white set that matches her charcoal-colored coat. What a funny girl!

It was such a fun, silly CHRISTmas at our house. And I'm so glad! Here's my Sweetie-Pie showing off a shirt that one of the girls got him. He draped it over himself like he had it on! lol
And then, the Season was wrapped up with Uncle Tommy telling the CHRISTmas story & telling the tale of the Candy Cane.
We are blessed!

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  1. Love that colorful scarf. I like funky. I can't all the time pull it off, then again if I like who cares. :)


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