Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Word-Filled Wednesday ~#104~ Jesus, Name Above All Names

Our dear, long-time friend and former pastor, Tom Sager, once read this during a church program. He was kind enough to give me a copy ~ I think it's a great way to not only start off the new year, but to even keep in our Bibles and read from time-to-time as a wonderful reminder.


The Name of Jesus is the most powerful Name ever spoken by human lips. We find His presence and power described through the Bible:

In GENESIS, Jesus is the Word that spoke all thing into existence,
In EXODUS, He's the Passover Lamb,
In LEVITICUS, He's the High Priest,
In NUMBERS, He's the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night,
In DEUTERONOMY, He's the great Lawgiver,
In JOSHUA, He's the Might Conqueror,
In JUDGES, He's the Deliverer Who saves us,
In RUTH, He's our Kinsman Redeemer,
In 1st and 2nd SAMUEL, He's our Trusted Prophet,
And in KINGS & CHRONICLES, He's our Reigning King.

In EZRA, He is our Faithful Scribe,
In NEHEMIAH, He's the Rebuilder of everything that is broken in our lives,
In ESTHER, He is our Lord over History,
In JOB, He's our Redeemer that lives forever,
In PSALMS, He is our Shepherd Who meets our every need,
And in the SONG OF SOLOMON, He's the Beautiful Bridegroom.

In ISAIAH, He's the Suffering Servant,
In JEREMIAH & LAMENTATIONS, Jesus is the Weeping Prophet,
In EZEKIEL, He's the Spirit that brings new life,
In DANIEL, He is the Fourth Man in the fiery furnace,
In HOSEA, He is our Faithful Lover,
In JOEL, HE baptizes us with the Holy Spirit,
In AMOS, He's the Plumb Line of righteousness,
And in OBADIAH, He is our Savior.
In JONAH, He is the Great Missionary Who calls us to repentance,
In MICAH, He is the Messenger of Justice,
In NAHUM, He is the Avenger,
In HABAKKUK, He is the Watchman Who is ever praying for revival,
In ZEPHANIAH, He is the Lord might to save,
In HAGGAI, He is the Restorer of our lost heritage,
In ZECHARIAH, He is our Fountain of cleansing,
And in MALACHI, He is the Son of Righteousness with healing in His wing.

In MATTHEW, He is the King of the Jews,
In MARK, He is the Servant of man,
In LUKE, He is the Son of Man,
In JOHN, He is the Son of God,
In ACTS, He is the Savior of the World,
In ROMANS, He is the Righteousness of God,
In I CORINTHIANS, He is The Rock,
In II CORINTHIANS, He is the Triumphant One, giving victory
In GALATIONS, He is our Liberty to set us free,
And in EPHESIANS, He is the Head of the church.

In PHILLIPIANS, He is our joy,
In COLOSSIANS, He is our completeness, 
In 1st and 2nd THESSALONIANS, He is our very life,
In 1st TIMOTHY, He is our faith,
In 2nd TIMOTHY, He is our stability,
In PHILEMON, He is our Benefactor,
And in TITUS, He is our Truth.

In HEBREWS, He is our Perfection,
In JAMES, He is the Power behind our faith,
In 1st PETER, He is our Example,
In 2nd PETER, He is our Purity,
In 1st JOHN, He is our Light,
In 2nd JOHN, He is our Power,
In 3rd JOHN, He is Motivation,
And in JUDE, He is our Faith.

In REVELATION, He is our Coming King! . . . 

HE IS the First and the Last,
HE IS the Beginning and the End,
HE IS the Keeper of all creation and the Creator of all,
HE IS the Architect of the universe and the Manager of all time,
HE IS unmoved, unchanged, unmatched, undefeated and NEVER will be undone,

"And at the Name of JESUS, every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! To the glory of God the Father." ~Philippians 2:10-11

Amen and AMEN.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

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  1. What a treasure! I've never seen that done, but what an encouragement it would be to keep close at hand! Thanks for sharing Kim!


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