Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Homemade Baby (and Adult) Skin Care

OK . . . I know my "babies" are grown & ~ as of this writing ~ I'm not aware that DD#1 is expecting, but we all love baby skin care. Anyone ~ no matter what age ~ can benefit from the gentleness of baby skin care items.

Baby Powder ~ 
Wonderful for that sweet little baby bum, & also great for hot, sweaty feet. 

You will need:
~1/2 lb cornstarch (organic, if possible)
~1/2 ts. lavender essential oil (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-biotic)

1) Pour cornstarch into a gallon-sized zip-lock plastic bag, add essential oil just a drop or two at a time. 
2) Shake well to distribute & break up any clumps.
3) Let stand for 4 days
4) Shake lightly, wait until "dust" settles & then pour powder into a clean Parmesan cheese shaker bottle. Use at each diaper change.

Sweet Baby Oil~
For dry areas on their sweet little hands & feet, or if baby has been at the pool or out in the wind to help with chapped cheeks.

You will need:
~1/2 c (EACH) of dried lavender flowers, elder flowers, calendula flowers
~1/2 c comfrey leaf
~3 c sweet almond oil (or grapeseed oil if baby tends to be oily)
~glass jar (for mixing)
~small glass jars (for finished product)

1) Put all herbs in a clean glass canning jar. 
2) Cover herbs with almond oil, stir gently & remove all air bubbles
3) Put in a warm place ~ by a heating vent or out in the sun ~ for 3 days
4) Pour oil into a clean glass jar (or more than one jar if you prefer smaller jars) by straining the herbs through cheese cloth or a very fine sieve. Keep in a cool place.

Teething Oil~
I'm so glad we adults can't remember when our 1st teeth came in. None of us like seeing our sweet babies suffer with teething pain. This is also excellent for adult tooth aches and canker sores.

You will need:
~1 handful of Chamomile flowers (I prefer German)
~1/2 handful shredded willow bark
~6 drops of clove essential oil
~1 drop of peppermint essential oil
~sweet almond oil
~1 TB vitamin E oil (for later)
~pint-sized canning jar
~crock pot 

1) Combine all of the herb & essential oils in a clean pint-sized canning jar, cover with the sweet almond oil
2) Set the jar in the crock pot & fill the crock pot with hot, but not boiling, water right up to the neck of the jar. 
3) Heat on low heat for 2 days.
4) Strain oil through cheese cloth or sieve into a clean jar
5) Add the vitamin E to stop spoiling
6) Apply to sore area with a clean finger or a q-tip

Great products to have on-hand.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><                        

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  1. I received a lovely comment from someone I am assuming is a new reader who said, "Thanks for sharing information about baby skin care. Your blog was very informational."

    While I DEEPLY appreciate her gracious comments, I could not post it in it's entirety because she had included an "ad" for a business website that I am unfamiliar with.

    Blessings . . . Kim


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