Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fennel ~ An Herb with Many Uses

Fennel is an herb that is growing in popularity ~ probably because it seems that almost everyday shines light on some new way to use it. And you can use every part of the plant.

Fennel has long been used as a cooking herb. The leaves make a yummy, slightly sharp addition to any salad, puts new spark in many favorite sauces and can be used as easily at rosemary with many meats, particularly fish, pork dishes and chicken. Put a few sprigs of Fennel leaves in your dog's bed to keep fleas away.
The root can be cut up and used in salads or stir fried in olive oil as a veggie. Slice into cucumber-like slices, sprinkle a little salt & pepper ~ maybe a little Spike seasoning ~ and you have a new favorite veggie.

The seeds are probably used most. In some European countries they will put out a very small dish of Fennel seeds to use after meals instead of toothpicks. Chewing Fennel seeds will help release tartar from your teeth, sweeten your breath, and greatly helps with digestion and after-the-meal gas and bloating. And back to the dogs ~ put a few seeds in your dog's food as another way to help keep fleas away. Dogs love the taste, fleas don't. It is also said that making a paste from crushed Fennel seeds and honey will get rid of freckles ~ leave the paste on your face for at least 20 minutes & wash off with warm water.

Make a Fennel tea out of the seeds to help with such things as: improving eye-sight, urinary tract problems, increasing the milk flow of nursing mommys, reflux and stomach acid, migraine headaches, sinusitis, colic in babies, keeping the liver cleanse and in good working order, arthritis relief. Make a strong Fennel tea, moisten a cotton ball with it and use topically for insect bites. 

Fennel essential oil can be blended with a good carrier oil, like grapeseed (my favorite) or jojoba, and used for muscle pain/strain relief. Use the oil sparingly ~ 3-5 drops per 4 oz of carrier oil.

The Lord is so good to give us healing and tasty herbs. What fun it is to learn to use them.

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><  



  1. Never knew this, good info.

  2. This was a really enjoyable post :) Very informative. Do you grow your own fennel? Also, do you recommend a particular company to purchase the grapeseed or fennel essential oil?

    Kindly, Jamie

    1. HI Jamie ~ I am planning on growing fennel this yr, already have my seeds :-) It is a lovely, dill look-a-like. I wish I would have included a photo of the root, it's as big as a large garlic head. As for the essential oils, I have used Fennel oil by Young Living & Nature's Alchemy. Let me know if you try it.

      Blessings from Ohio . . .

    2. Oooh, I would love to grow some. There's something so beautiful about growing herbs that I just love. I'll let you know if I use the fennel oil :) Thanks for the info!
      Jamie :)


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