Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gentlemen ~ The Bar Has Been Set . . . High

THE Man and I have two beautiful daughters. DD#1 (26) is married, DD#2 (23) is still single. DD#2 has determined in her heart, between she and the Lord, to pursue courtship when the time comes that she shares an interest with a young man. And we are thrilled because that was always our desire for our girls.

Last night, the show 19 Kids and Counting aired the proposal of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald. It . . . was . . . lovely. So well thought-out, involved both families, filled with the love of a young couple determined to start their lives together with God as their firm Foundation.
My DD#2 was so impressed with this that she wrote a great 'status' on her Facebook about it. I couldn't have said it any better . . . 

"Gentlemen, the bar has been set!

I know, really, no men watch 19 Kids and Counting because why would you, "It's so girly!!!" That is usually the comment I get every time I bring up that show or "19 kids?!?! Are they all theirs!?!?!?!" Yeah........ Anyways, this season has been all about courtship, something that is highly frowned upon in our society (and if its not your choice that is fine; so I'm not judging you.) But This season has been so awesome and enlightening for me, as a godly woman, especially. Let me explain to ya'll why I loved it so much this season: 1. The hearts for God in both courtships. 2. The parents on both sides being involved for godly guidance and accountability. 3. The patience both couples had; even though both couples said it was very hard to wait, but they did it anyways, and just how awesome the reward was of waiting!

Wow, God is good, all the time He is good.

I wanted to talk about last night's episode, especially, because it touched my heart in many ways. (I am going to attach the article of all the details on the bottom of this status for anyone who would like to read it.) It was the proposal episode; Ben Seewald proposing to Jessa Duggar. I am saying the bar has been set gentlemen, not because I want you to spend all your money and savings just to make your girlfriend happy when you propose to her . . . no, let me explain . . . This young man, Ben, really put his heart and soul into this proposal and did a beautiful job in keeping God at the center of his proposal. (I'm not going to give everything away for those that haven't watched it yet. But I am going to say where he led her to for the proposal.) At the end of the scavenger hunt he led her to a church that was up on a mountain, that was made of glass and was completely see-through; and he waited for her at the alter. She went all over the place searching for his clues but in the end she had to walk down the isle to get to him; and once she got there he grabbed her hand and just thanked God for putting her into his life. 

Now, I said the bar was set, did I not gentlemen? Because if you are a man of God whether you are single, dating/courting, or married this was such an awesome way of showing how to love a woman like Christ loves His church. We have lost this awesome gift in this day and age, it is so rare to watch a man PURSUE a woman in a godly way, just as Christ pursues His church. And I am praying for my brothers in Christ to not miss out on something like this because it is just so awesome and well worth the wait. And to my sisters in Christ, we need to step up our game as well; if we make ourselves easy prey and not make these men of God work hard to pursue us, then what example are we setting for them? That we are an easy catch? No. If we are God's daughters then we are far more then pieces of meat; do not EVER think of yourself as second best or that you should settle for the first man that looks your way. You, my sister/brother, were bought at a price and have so much value and worth! Do not sell yourself short just because you do not want to be patient and wait for God's best. We need to start acting like children of the King and not like children of the world. 

God Bless your day"

Well said, my dear daughter, well said. 

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><


  1. Oh my, Kim! What a daughter you have! Not only is she beautiful, she is extremely wise! I applaud her! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I totally loved this one and Amen to it all. This is exactly how it should be done and I can say that all my children did it in the right way.
    Blessings for this one my dear~

  3. Good job . We will only get what we accept in life. I truly wish more young people would think of themselves in this manner and expect more and not settle for less.


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