Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Friday, December 13, 2013

Homemade "Altoid" Mints

Admit it ~ your favorite mints are those little "curiously strong" mints that come in the tins. They are refreshing and somewhat energizing and they are great for clearing your throat and opening your sinuses. And if you're like me, you save those little tins and use them for other projects like homemade healing salve or simple to make homemade chamomile salve.
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Sorry, I didn't take any photos of my own :-(
Well . . . did you know you can MAKE those little mints, yourself? This little activity could easily become a favorite little gift for CHRISTmas stocking stuffers or office gifts, Easter, Valentine's Day, a little thank you for someone or as a homeschool project. And, certainly, to have for your family.
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You will be so surprised at how easy-peasy this is!
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You will need: 

~cutting board
~rolling pin
~plastic gloves (optional)
~drinking straws (the big ones you have saved from your favorite restaurant work best) or tiny animal or shaped candy cutters
~1 package of gum paste (found in the cake section of your grocery store or Walmart)
~powdered sugar
~cooking oil (optional)
~food coloring (optional)
~essential oil (ex: peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, wintergreen)
~waxed paper
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1) Grab off a piece of gum paste about the size of a large egg, knead it in your hands. It will take just a few moments to warm-up and then it will become a nice pliable dough. If desired, you may use JUST A COUPLE DROPS of cooking oil to make it a little more pliable, but not greasy.

2) Once it starts to become pliable, add 2-3 drops of color (if you're using any) and 3-5 drops of your chosen flavor of essential oil (5 if you want them "curiously strong" :-)) and knead all through the gum paste as best you can.

3) Sprinkle just enough powdered sugar on your cutting board to roll the dough onto. Use your rolling pin to roll the dough out to about 1/8" thick. 

4) Now the fun part ~ take your straw or candy cutters and start punching out those little mints. When you have cut out as many as you can, re-roll the remaining dough out again and make as many mints as you can; repeat as often as you need.

5) Once you've cut all the mints you can, sprinkle a little more powdered sugar over the mints and mix JUST enough to coat them and still see any color you've added; this will keep them from sticking together.

6) Put the mints on a sheet of waxed paper and let them dry and "cure" for at least 48 hours, then you can refill those old tins and put them to good use. 
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7) Enjoy!

Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><


  1. I really enjoy your blog. These mints sound awesome. I especially like the idea of the shaped mints. This is a great place to visit :)

  2. Fun post! I just might make these tomorrow just for fun! I already have all the ingredients. :)


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