Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Welcome to Marmee's Pantry

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Must-Read...

Amy, at Homestead Revival, has a great post on "The Spiritual Aspect of Prepping Biblically." This is a MUST-READ!

I appreciate, so much, the points that she brings up. The Word tells us to 'be prepared in season & out of season.' Granted, this was referring to being prepared to share the reasons why we believe in Jesus as the Messiah, God's One & Only Son, Savior, Redeemer...but it also extends into other aspects of life.

Any of you who may be a regualr reader of my blog knows that a large part of what I try to impart is a frugal lifestyle. What you may not know is that the LORD started leading me in this direction about 2-3 years ago.

As my parents grew up on family farms - and I even married a Farm Boy :-) - I have grown up w/a love for rural life, cooking from scratch, simple living. I learned to do these things mostly for fun. But in the midst of our most financially prosperous time in our marriage (which, as a 1-income/homeschooling family, still woudn't be alot to many people in our culture), the LORD really started impressing upon me to live more frugally and, in turn, healthily ~ in the foods I made, the ingredients I used, expanding my window herbs to a small kitchen garden, making my own health care, my own house-hold care, my own personal care items, soap. To prepare my own body for the next phase of 'womanly life' that I'm going through w/o all the Rx that our society's Drs 'say' we must be a part of...only to find out later that they cause more problems than they relieve. At times, my family even teased me about all that I was doing ~ lol ~ but that never kept them from enjoying my cooking or any of the other homemade goodies they now delighted in.

In doing all this, when my dear husband was laid off last April w/NO severence, I have been able to save our family SO MUCH. Isn't it amazing that in our time of relative plenty that the LORD was preparing me to live w/o SO MUCH that we have taken for granted in the past? Don't get me wrong...this has been a financially terrible year! Emotions have teetered on the edge at times. But, we have EACH OTHER, our home, our cars &, obviously, our computer! :-)

What I'm getting at is that even in what seems like such a small, small thing - like already having bars of glycerine soap made - I have saved our family from HAVING to go out & get something that even those few pennies spent for a bar of bath soap would have been the difference in paying our electric bill or our phone bill or our water bill.

This is probably why Amy's post struck such a chord w/me. My family hasn't made fun of my interest in frugal living & doing things 'the old ways' for quite a while. lol So, read Amy's post. And in the meantime, NEVER underestimate that even what you may perceive is something of little consequence, it may be what makes the biggest difference in the survival of your family when times are hard.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><


  1. Thank you, Kim, for sharing from your heart today. I also read Amy's post last evening and so appreciate her lifestyle and what she is doing with her family. I found her blog through yours. :)

    I have the desire to make my own products, not only to be more frugal, but also because when you make it yourself you know what is touching your skin, etc. But I'm having trouble finding some of the ingredients. But it is one of my goals for 2010...thanks largely to your influence in that area of my life.

    Thank you stopping by today. I sincerely do not see in myself the things that you mentioned. Any of that is Jesus allowing me to be salt and light where He's put me. So, humbly for Abba I say thank you.

    May your weekend be richly blessed as you walk with Him who is JOY.

  2. The Pennies always add up to Dollars don't they. Thanks for the encouragement to do things more frugally. Even I need to do a better job in this. Loved you sharing your story. You are an inspiration to us all.

  3. as the old hymns says, "Praise God through Whom all blessings flow..."

    He is our Provider and His Spirit is so good to prompt us ahead if our spiritual ears are opened.

    great post.

  4. Kim,
    Thanks for the great post. Yes... I have been moved...convicted...prompted...to rearrange some things in my life that seem cloudy, cluttered...
    Kurt and I went through your same predicament in Sept. of '06. He did have severence, but not enough to last the 10 months of unemployment that followed.
    God is so good. He used the job loss to teach us so many spiritual lessons and draw us in closer to Him.
    We were a 1 income homeschooling family (and yes not near what would impress most families). But the journey back has been lengthy and yet solid gold in lessons God would have us learn. The external circumstances were only tools HE used to do the REAL work on the inside of all of us. Being tight, and learning how little we could MIRACULOUSLY get by on and seeing the upside-down, unexpected ways God provided...ALL beyond wealth in this world.
    I appreciate your post and your reminders and inspiration. Good stuff. I believe God gives to us to see what we will do with it. Hmmm. thinking about that Laundry soap now!!!!!
    Thanks from a sister who knows and appreciates your wise influence! Hugs - Julie

  5. yes dear one, this is a must read! You and your family have been an inspiration and a godly example of what it is to be a Follower of Christ.. even when it is not easy. Thank you for sharing your testimony and your wisdom. You have blessed my family as well. We have been looking for ways to cut back even more and thanks for your postings, I have been baking breads instead of buying, making my own soaps and I just wanted to thank you :)

  6. You've expressed exactly how I feel! I get teased too...I'm hubby's "agri-babe" and "the chicken lady", lol. I don't make too many personal care items from scratch, but I have recently made homemade deodorant. Great post, and now I will check out Amy's blog, thanks!

  7. Kim, thanks for sharing Amy's blog with us. After trolling her a bit, I'm inspired to make some powdered laundry detergent, LOL!


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